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2017 V2.been a while

Where does the time go? Another year, another succession of days, weeks and, soon, months. Damn!

Ok, its been a few weeks, nothing drastic.

A period of intense heat for us here on the SunnyCoast.

A majestic full moon and a jewel filled sky.

One reason I may have been distracted is my 66 Trophy… maybe even infatuated… ???


Genius Jim and baby Ed. Dig Ed’s t-shirt…img_5552

In my shed… a beauty of a Britt babe…img_5556img_5557img_5558

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2017 v1.3

Damn, I say Damn!

Been a while. Been busy. Been real, fun-filled busy. Where is January going?

My Brother, The Rooster, was here with his family for a couple of weeks. 2016-12-27-19-34-49

Did not take pictures but he flew over to join a fun, kid filled NY Eve’s party we had. His two kids and Mrs all enjoyed the Sunnycoast.

A milestone for Grace and I… After 10 years raising two small boys, a) the boys are no longer small and  b) both Angelo and Mendoza now in Boarding School.

Almost done with the old folks… can you see the anticipation in the boy’s eyes?2017-01-23-08-35-05

Mendoza starting his career in Boarding school. Now in the 7th grade, he is learning to be a mature, cooperative student in a very competitive system.2017-01-23-10-22-15

Gotta luv a cool uniform…2017-01-23-08-11-47

Hans has been around… He spent a lot of time hang’n by the pool in his undies… 2017-01-20-17-13-07

I even got him on a bike… 2017-01-21-09-06-52

What else: Ice at anchor with Kolombangara in the background… nice PICT!ice-off-klbga

More later

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2017 v1.2

Monday morn here in the land of Aus.We are watching the Packers v the Cowboys playoff game. So far it is quite entertaining.

I wish to report that I did my full day of 2wheeling Saturday. Left here about 8am, got home about 3pm. It was hot, hot, hot. I covered 600ks, stopped 3 times. Simply rode my bike.

I got home sweaty, dehydrated and sore. I weighed in 3kgs less than i left in the morn. 12 litres of beer and water remedied the weight loss. My leg muscles and gluten are very sore.

And life is good…

More vroom later

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2017 v1.1

Mars, the star of the eve this eve, floats brilliant n bright to the west. He shall shine bright n long tonight. Neptune and Uranus accompany him into Aquarius.

The sky is rather quiet tonight.

It has been a long hot day.

Did I mention, Friday the 13th? Ring a Bell?

I completed my Australian motorcycle licence saga today. I can now, after a few months of being unlicensed, ride my bikes.

It is a long story… I swapped over from my Solo licence to an Aussie licence and in between  ended up without a bike licence for about 3 months. Have not really been on a long ride for fucking ages!!! Damn I miss riding!

So I sit here, 730pm on Friday the 13, 2017. A new year rings in and our superstitions continue.

A resident kookaburra makes noise down in the drainage. Frogs, very small frogs, add a vibration to the air. Fruit bats do their commute inland.

I find frogs in my pool. About the size of my thumb nail, some bigger, I am certain many species are around. It is interesting that the pool kills the toads ( we all dislike toads) but not the frogs. I rescue and release the frogs.

So after a frustraing past few expereicnes, I am happy to report that I have proven that I am a good poodle. This recent saga of jumping through hoops and wagging my tail and being polite and smiley in order to be legally licensed to ride my bikes… All I can say is “woof”.

It all began in September when I finally got my full-time, ol fart, retirement visa for Australia.

Another long story, but I had been hassling over my status in Aus for 6 year or more.

So I get my ol fart visa and then go into the local transport office to swap my licence over. To become a proper card-carrying Queenslander, MATE!

It was not easy. I had to pay some money and pass a test before I could pay more to apply to take the next text which included a road test. So I paid and applied and tested and got a Qlander licence. But only for automatic cars.

Now for these past 6 years I have been stopped, and I have been allowed to drive on my Solo Licence. Both cars, trucks and bikes. My Solo licence has been well recognised to  allow me to drive, ride and operate.

Not now, not after I got my first, basic, learners licence as a Qlander.

As soon as I went on to Qlander plastic, all else was null n void.

So I took a test to be fully certified to drive a car. Then another test to drive a car with a manual transmission. Took 4 trips into the local Transport Office. But I got my “open” for cars.

That was the easy part.

The bike licence was a drama. Normally one must wait and progress over 2.5 years to go from learner to open for bikes. For me that was tragic news. BUt I was patient, and friendly and had enough info to allow the TRFolks to exempt me through the draconian time requirements as I did my dance for them…

That was where I learned I was an exceptional poodle.

Golly, how many times have I been in the Transport Offices looking forlorn and cooperative. I am good at wagging my tail.

And jumping through hoops. To get a bike licence was pretty intensive…

I paid a fee then did 2 days of training and got my Learners licence. Went to the TROffices and got the paper work done. I did another day of training, paid a fee and did my provisional licence. Went to the TROffices and got the paper work done. Today I did another day of training and was issued my “open” bike licence, after I went to the TROffices and got the paper work done. I did not pay a fee because the guy doing the training and I got friendly and he commiserated with my drama so today was free.

I bought him a good bottle of whiskey as a present.

And I am buggered. So I sit here in the cool Qland air. The wind chimes giggle. The wind rustles the foliage. The Wolf Moon was full last night. It shall be bright and clear here, soon. Moon rise is 935pm.

So the first full moon of 2017 behind us. My MOJO has been messed up these past few days. I think it is because I do not take instruction well.

but tomorrow I shall remedy mu MOJO by going riding ALLL DAYYY…

More later

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2017 v1.0

The Virgin Post…

The 1st for a New Year…

I’ll probably get unfriended for the “virgin” comment…

As the New Year begins, as the Old Year transpires…

What profound thoughts and words of wisdom can I offer my faithful readers?

Golly, gee wizzz… Theoretically we are all one year older, one more shared revolution round the big-star… One would assume, hope, even pray that some growth had been attained in the past year; AND, that there is some vision, some PLAN for the FUTURE…

I sit out on the terrace of my Queensland home. It is a nice place. A very nice place.

Lots of open space, beautiful weather, a relaxed atmosphere. Good people around.

A very slight drizzle is cooling my shoulders. I hear rain coming. It sounds like a bunch of termites in your tropical home. (How many of my faithful readers have lived in a topical home where, I swear to god, you could hear the termites munching away?)

The rain becomes a sprinkling on my keyboard. I am sitting at a very special teak table my buddy, Big Dave, built for me. He used old-world craftsmanship to produce a functional work of art. It feels and smells wonderful.

An umbrella keeps the computer from getting wet, though a single drop sits heavily on the mouse pad. My back is pleasantly damp in the cool night air.

2016 was an entertaining, event filled, and amazing year. All I can say is WTF? Who woulda’ thought? As we roll into 2017, WTF, who woulda thought!

So, rather than dwell on the past I would like to look into the future… what does the future hold? Who knows?

I do. I know that very soon both Angelo and Mendoza shall head off to boarding school. I know that Mendoza will cry himself to sleep for a few nights. I know he will find his feet and grow to understand and maybe even enjoy the “BOARDING” experience.

I know that Angelo will struggle to stay focused but I also know he will achieve some impressive results. It is his 3rd year at Toowoomba Grammar. He shall do very well this coming year.

I know I shall get ICE over from the Solomons – soon -. And I know that ICE shall change my life. ICE is a very cool boat… ice-2017This pict was taken by drone, at Olosana Island, Western Province, Solomons Islands on 26/12/16.

I know that Gracie has been smitten by ICE.

Gracie and Mendoza got to go home to the Solos for Xmas. She spent a fair amount of time on Ice and now thinks of it as “her own”. She is looking forward to Ice arriving and being able to start her catharsis from just an island girl to a yachtie.

I know Gracie is looking forward to being without the responsibility of having a “dependant”. She has committed the last ten years to raising Mendoza and Angelo. She has done a commendable job and deserves a break from the role of “Grand Mother”.

I am not truly convinced that she and ICE are the right couple. I kinda thought that ICE was my project. Not sure if Gracie being enamoured with “my boat” is a good thing. Time will tell.

The recent weeks have been pleasant. Bro, Rooster, and his family have been visiting. It is way cool. His kids, Eli and Elora, have been hanging with the boys. His wife, Melita, and Grace have been doing a lot of nothing together. Everyone is happy. Some times.

Did I mention that another Hemmer baby was born on the 21st of December, 2016?

Meet Miss Nova Hemmer… untitled-2-copy-2         Paul and Betsy’s 2nd daughter…She has my eyes…

So I know a few things. I have a few opinions, a few theories. I do have many hopes and dreams. I am still the enduring optimist.

Rain just came hard…

gotta run…




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2016 v12.twasthenightbeforechristmas

Twas the night before christmas…

7pm on the 24th of December. Christmas eve.

Angelo and I have been batch’ing it. We have enjoyed the quiet house, the domestic simplicity.

We have not done much “for Christmas”…Our Christmas tree is small but it is happy…


We have enjoyed sharing a quiet house.

All will change soon. Brother Rooster and his tribe will arrive from Germany Monday afternoon.

Grace and Mendoza will come back from the Solos in 7 days, next Friday.

So we aint got much time left. Gotta enjoy the privacy and quietude and relaxedness while we can.

Angelo and I spent today preparing for our guests. We cleaned and made beds and got ready for the Hemmers from Garmisch.

In the last few days we have mowed the grass and tidied up and got the tent out. We are really looking forward to the guests arriving.

Tomorrow we will go over to “Uncle” Joes. His  lady fair, Maureen, is preparing a banquet. We’ll head over for Queensland Chrissie Lunch on the veranda about noon. It’ll be a very entertaining time.

I very much look forward to the Rooster n his tribe. Been a few years since I have seen them. I think they will have… we will have a very fine time together.

Yippee, the Hemmers from Garmisch are coming to Queensland… I look forward to seeing the kids. It always makes me smile when”The Kids”, the pups, get together… when the cousins get to meet and have enough time to become friends.

We are planning a neighbourhood NY’s eve party for kids – of all ages… I like creating memorable events. And this shall be a very memorable one. The Queensland circle of The Universal Family will mix n play with the Garmisch tribe.

But tonight, The Night Before Christmas, Angelo and I are being quiet.

We have been running on a couple of pots of left overs – a veggie soup from several days ago, beans were added a few days ago, I tossed in some meat somewhere along the line, and yesterday turned it into a mexican goulash we ate in wraps. Big Burritos.

Today the last of the left overs got put into a deep fry pan and they ended life in a “one pot wonder”. A bit is left, but if Angelo don’t eat whats left soon, I’ll nail it.

Traditions do hold strong. We are conditioned, in a good way…

I think of all the Christmas eves/ trees I have shared in my life. Some are very vivid.

I can picture trees from the farm in Knoxville. The house on Middle Street, Jackson Street, 412, Alta Vista. I left the US right on 37 years ago. I flew out on the 11th of January, 1981. December 1980 was my last Christmas as a resident in the USA. That was in Alta Vista. My Grandmother was still alive. Golly, all the nephews n nieces were babies. The folks owned the INN there. It was a fun, a grand time.

Since 1980, I have learned to be a tropical sorta Christmas dude. I have had several “white Christmas” trips, back to Home. But they are always very fudged up. Snow and ice and below zero temps simply cramp my style. Give me a green, sweaty Christmas any day.

Today has not been too bad. The temps have dropped from the hot, hot of late. The pool is brisk again. The grass is getting greener. It is very pleasant outside.

I will finish this and go have a quick dip before I close the house up, put whatever I have left out, away. And finish the one pot wonder…



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2016 v12.2whatiswealth

I woke this morn to a breezy, overcast day. We need rain. We wish for rain. I am getting bored watering the grass and veggie patch and flowers… I never tire of watering my roses.

It’s still kinda early – for a Sunday_. I have put on the news and opened up my computer. Mr. Kuma reclines a few feet from me. Since I woke an hour ago he has not moved much. He rolled on his back and let me scratch his belly. Lifted his head when I walked into the kitchen. But he has not gotten up. Still too early for him.

After doing the obligatory checking of family communications … Grace is staying on ICE in Gizo. My elderly mother is doing very well, despite the snow and cold in Iowa… I clicked a link to something from an old friend and fine writer, Willis Eschenbach.

Willis recently launched his own blog ,, and has been posting furiously.

What I  read resonated with me, mainly due to the fact that I too have spent many noon day hours walking through, sitting in, enjoying “developing world villages”.

As well, it raised to my forethought an idea I have been chewing on lately… the concept of WEALTH.

What is wealth? What makes one wealthy? How do we, or can we accumulate wealth?

As Willis walked through that dusty Sahal village, the villagers perhaps saw yet another wealthy white-dude. But, really, what is wealth? Two pairs of shoes? A change of clothes? More than one simple meal a day?

In his post, Willis goes on to explain his feelings in regards to the recent US Election, free trade, and discussions with friends. It is a worthy read.

But he got me pondering the topic of wealth, again…

As fate has it, I have recently written on this topic. In discussions with both D.B., and W.E. we did the polka on and around the topic for a couple of days. It all transpired from an article I picked up and shared because I could not understand it. It was maybe too smart for me. Maybe it was written above my head…


But, when discussing “wealth” a bit of confusion is understandable. My final words in our exchange were…


I think this may an important “thing”… 

People see wealth differently. The guy(s) who wrote this are taking it into common economist-speak, which is braille to me. I was kinda hoping I wasn’t the only one bamboozled by this. That I wasn’t too thick – not to get it… 
I can see where wealth is something inherently “there”… like the gold in them thar hills, but it isn’t tangible or real or realised until it is dug up, and like other commodities, is not valuable unless there is a market or a standard value for it in the society. We know of aboriginal societies that thought gold was just pretty and diamonds were even prettier, but of no real value.
Lots of valuable land (I think of Bouganville) was just a big garden until someone began extracting the modern, marketable wealth buried thereunder. 
I believe the views on creating poverty are worth consideration, as it is in the entire drama of colonialism. One can understand the building of the pyramids when one understands slavery and wealth centralisation ALLOWS the pyramids to happen. With out the slavery or the centralised wealth they would never have been built. And if the hills of Bouganville did not have minerals they would still be gardens.
I see most wealth creation in the modern world to be slight of hand… noting that (most) currencies are no longer pinned or standardised to either gold or silver. Without being “backed” by a tangible it is just an agreed farce.
I later came across this interesting article which claims that my adoptive home, Australia, is on the path to making “cash” a thing of the past…
It all starts to make me wonder, to ponder, to condense… as I walk to the bakery, ride my Segway to the butcher shop, mow the lawn or sweep the floor…
What is wealth?
I joined the Peace Corps when I was 22 years old. I “shipped out” 5 months after my 23rd birthday and two weeks before Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. I carried a very fine “REI” backpack loaded with 100lbs of gear, and toted an old guitar that I could never play. (I still can’t play the guitar!)
In my pack I had a good tent, good rain gear, a very good fry pan, a light hammock, camp stove, a couple of water bladders, basic clothes, some sketch pads, books and diaries… For all practical purposes I took my camping gear to the Peace Corps with me. In my mind I was going camping for two years. I wore a pair of Red Wing work boots and packed an old pair of low-top Converse All Stars.
Before I shipped out I gave everything else I owned away.
In my pre-Peace Corps life I had been an artist. My medium was acrylic on canvas. In my life preceding my departure from the US of A I had spent most all my money, most all my wealth on art supplies. I lived then in a very small mobile-home (trailer) in a very small town in northern Iowa. My main asset was a very good stereo. I drove a 1961 Dodge (push button auto) that was not worth $300.00, but it had new tires on it, and ran well. I had a wolf, Nuke, as a room mate.
My dad got my car and my wolf. My bro-in-law got my stereo. I was planning to come back in 24 months and claim my possessions back. Not much else of value there was. Except my art. So gave that all away too. As I prepared to depart, as I visited friends and family, I gave my canvases away.
So, after I gave all I had accumulated, all the wealth I had away, I traveled to a new life where I learned what wealth was…
My first experience in a developing world village blew my simple mind!
Manebwena is on the north coast of Makira. There were probably 20 families living a short walk from the coast.
A nice river ran near the village. The sand on the beach was black. The people were friendly, even loving.
I spent 10 weeks in that village. Gave about 25% of what I owned, including the Red Wings, away. Leaving much richer than when I arrived.
Over the next couple years I visited many villages.
Some are wealthier than others… My village in Makira had been a very middle-class place. Isolated by peaks and valleys. They walked long distances to their gardens. The food was good but they worked hard for what they had.
But not all villages are created equal… I recall living on the dry side of Ngela. The weather there is such that it simply does not rain. The gardens there don’t produce a huge variety so it’s either cassava and slippery cabbage or cassava or slippery cabbage. You can augment your diet with fish but it is still cassava and slippery cabbage, which do get a bit boring after a couple of months.
When I moved to Choiseul I realised what a wealthy village is. Golly, those folks had a big island, with loads of rain and produced a plethora of great food. The variety was insane. Varieties of yam, taro, kumara. Varieties of cabbage. Varieties of coconuts.
By the time I got to Choiseul I owned little or nothing. I had retained one pair of jeans, my converse, and one good shirt. I had a couple of pairs of tattered n tired cut-offs. A few stained n ratty shirts. A good short wave radio, which was essential for remote existence. A kettle to boil water, a pot to cook rice. Still had my fry pan. I had given my guitar to a young Malaitan guy who taught me to spear fish. I thought an old guitar was worth the price to learn how to feed yourself. I used peanut butter jars as tea cups. My camping gear had been sold. My bed was a hand-woven pandanus mat with a thin mattress. I could pick up and move, carrying everything I considered Mine. (which I did when I moved from Ngela to Choiseul)
So… stepping back from my stroll down memory lane… At a young age, a tender age, I started learning about wealth.
Before that time I had been tutored in MONEY. I had learned young that if you had MONEY you got to buy what you wanted. But wealth was something different. You worked for money. But where did wealth come from?
On Choiseul I met many people who were and are still formative in my life. Of course that is where I met my wife of 33 years. As well, after meeting and marrying, Grace, we (I) decided to go live in her home village, Susuka. We lived in Susuka full-time from 1984 to 1988.

It was there that Gracie’s father, Boaz, taught me about wealth.

For Boaz, money was for “things”. Tobacco, sugar, rice. You could buy “nice” things with money.
For Boaz, wealth came from giving away.
Boaz was the head of a large and vibrant tribe.
Boaz had been born before that region of Choisuel had been “civilised”. His father, Pogoto, was one of the first in that region to accept the missionaries. Pogoto was baptised in the Methodist church somewhere around 1910. Boaz was a “big kid” then. According to Boaz, “…me close up garrem hair…”. which means he was a pubescent child when the corner between traditional and modern lifestyles was turned.
Pogoto’s father, Kapesikana, had 4 wives. Each wife gave him one son. One son was considered to be half-sense (mentally deficient). So Kapesikana divided his vast land-holding between three of his sons. The sum total of all three holdings was known as “Pandorana”. Pandorana is the name for their family lineage or tribe.
Collectively Pandorana was a very productive tribe. It still is.
Boaz was head of his own clan and boss of his own land, but he was also the leader of the collective, Pandorana.
I was incessantly amazed how hard Boaz, and his wife (Flory), worked to “share the wealth” that they created.
It was a rare day when one of the many gardens were not visited. Some gardens were close by. They’d have slippery cabbage and some root crops. Maybe some pumpkins or snake beans. Some gardens were high on the hills. Some were on the banks of the many rivers. When Grace and I lived full-time in Susuka we managed three distinct gardens… one in the hills, one on the bank of a small river, and one in a sago forest.
The logic of many gardens is very simple… if you have one garden and it floods, or the pests get it or the winds knock everything down, you starve.
Boaz and Flory had no less than six gardens. Old gardens were being forgotten and new gardens devleoped as a matteer of course. And everyday, after a garden visit, wealth would be distributed. Wealth in the form of root crops, bananas, pomelos, oranges, nuts, cabbage, coconuts, and more.
I recall Boaz laughing about, maybe even complaining about, some of his relatives who had  a habit of showing up around supper time. Sound familiar? That old friend or family member who had the timing down to perfection? They’d show up with a big smile, and an empty stomach, just as the meal is served.
But Boaz and Flory always, all ways had extra. As the meal was being prepared the young’ns would be sent trotting down the beach to deliver a hot plate of food to ol Aunty Sarah, or ol Jonathan who had polio. Every meal was shared.
Boaz and Flory were very wealthy people.
I am still pondering this topic. What is wealth?
More to later…
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2016 v12.2 political overload

Ok, I am done. Not going to ponder, reflect nor argue on the hows n why of where we be. I am done. PERIOD

I am though thinking about the many timely topics which have arisen from the very entertaining and highly debated past number of months. Soooo many  topics involved and sooo much peripheral discussion. Sooo few topics disected thoroughly. Sooo much bullshitttt….

Today I have been thinking about the topic of “The Southern Wall”, “Govt in business”, “Free Trade”and “Labour Immigration”.

Actually I have been discussing this all with a long-term debating partner… I like longevity… Bski n I have been debating since about 1985. I lose track of time, I am getting old.

  1. On the topic of immigration, free trade and subsidies I wrote:
    You know I am a serial entrepreneur. Like you, Since I was 10 I mowed lawns, shovelled sidewalks, humped hay, delivered papers, etc, etc. I sold my services right left and centre for over 40 commercial years. I did not manufacture or extract but I DID, and have always made money DOING.
    My experiences have taught me that
    a) if it do not pay, it do not stay.
    b) subsidies simply do not work in the long-term. In my thoughts protecting an industry weakens it.
    c) regulations are required but habitually go TOO FAR. Like Unions, regulations have had a place and time but after a point they inhibit, not promote growth.
    d) I wrote on this topic as chair of the SI Camber of Commerce… I wrote that the government needed to provide the infrastructure required then get the hell outta the way.
    e) I am not a fan of free trade agreements. I know there are times where I am not 100% right with this thought pattern, that there are times where trade agreements can be beneficial to all parties, but such is rare.
    f) a catch 22 of sorts??? Lose the industry and end up with 1000 new homes on welfare assistance, or bail the company out … which costs more? Maybe let the natural transition occur?

2. WALLS NEVER FUCKING WORK. They cant. Especially when there is big money/ gain involved.

I think of an island tale… The old TradeCo store in Gizo – a big quonset hut near the market on the water front… They had an ancient (and very cool) safe. It was no less than 1.5m high x 1m deep and wide. Big brass handle on it. I remember it’s green paint with nice pin striping.
So, the safe at TradeCo… woulda weighed 400/ 500 KGS… 1000lbs easy.
It was in a locked building that had a fence around it. It was in the manager’s office so there were no less than 3 locked doors between the safe and the outside. A family of lived at the back of the building being the caretakers/ security guards.
One morning the store opened to find they had been burgled. The safe was gone. It was later found over on Loqa Island in the mangrove swamp. It had been beaten open using chisels, hack saws n crow bars. No power tools were used to open the safe, but the damn thing had been opened… and moved… across water!
My point? The fences, the doors, the safe did not stop the would be perps from getting the money. Me thinks that if there is financial/ personal gain then there can be found motivation to surmount most any barrier.
As well, it is well noted, the land-route for smugglers of any kind is only one of many options. So… me thinks the Wall is BullShit!
And, as mentioned herein, if the gain is great enough there shall be graft. I think I read that in the bible… there shall be graft.
As with the TradeCo matter, I recall that the security/ caretaker dude had been paid off and eventually spilt the beans on the safe-russling crew.
I have said this for years… the one way to diminish the profitability of drugs (of any kind) is to legalize them and tax the fuck outta them all. Prohibition kinda figured that out, no? Once it is legal and regulated and taxed the price will fall and the “bootleggers” will disappear.
I also mentioned before (noting I am not an authority here) that the info I have tells me that IF illegal labour was stopped, the US economy would suffer. We are as addicted to illegal labour as we are addicted to drugs. So… I guess we need a path to legalize the labourers?
Dunno, need to think it out noting that Aus and Kiwi have special Visas for short-term workers.
I also note the Aussie parliament has just struggled with trying to tax this labour market. They wanted to go as high as 30% but (I think) have settled on 15%. I also note that the tourist/ labourers are struggling to accept such a high tariff. It is a huge controversy… The average Aussie will not pick strawberries in 90 degree heat for 20.00 and hour (yes 20.00 an hour). Soimported labour is very important to this land.
I note a 3rd generation strawberry farm down the road from me … they have just started turning their strawberry fields into a turf farm. I assume its due to the bleak future for labour intensive agriculture. As well… Turf here can sell for as high as 10.00 per square meter, and is in high demand, so indeed economic forces of many kinds are at play, but… the strawberry fields will soon be gone.
In ending… nothing will stop an intent-ful criminal… nothing other than the financial return of the act NOT being worth the risk.
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2016 v12.1 political fallout…

I am compelled to do a bit of writing on the topic of “The US of A political sit-rep”, and the political fallout experienced therein…

Because I chose not to vote many view me as either an uneducated red-neck, or an ignorant white male who has no soul or mind… Because I did not vote I have lost some good peoples respect. I have been cast into that basket of deplorables. My words, which for years were accepted and even respected, now are being tossed back at me. I am both evil and fascist and an aged hippy, and a know-nothing expat, and a closet republican, and a lying conservative, and a slum-lord industrialist… all at the same time.

Some folks are actually quite abusive in their verbiage… It has become quite personal, too personal for some folks.

Me? I carry no one’s baggage. Say what you want but be respectful. When you start ranting and become incoherent or abusive I go into Mantra-Mode.

Some think I must vote, and more to the point, I must vote a liberal ticket; and more to the point I must vote for Hillary Clinton. And because I a) did not vote, and b) did not vote a liberal/ Clinton ticket, well, hell, I am just an ass hole, a red neck, another uneducated ignorant white male.

I have written about my position per voting before… So shall not reiterate my stance…

I want to share here two publicly published works discussing this topic of voting, the outcome we now must live with, and individual perceptions of what the outcome means…


This piece is written by Knute Burger… I have just done a bit of research on Knute and find him tone a very thoughtful and eloquent Liberal sorta guy.

I need to think about this but in my checking up I find he has written about getting private industry to fund “Shanty Towns” for the homeless – as a solution to the homeless…

I am going to have to think that over before comment but, hmmm, I kinda think that institutionalizing homelessness may not be an answer … I’ll ruminate and get back on that one… but…

In Knute’s piece he talks a lot about history, and draws direct correlations between then, and now. I fear/ feel that he is equating nationalism/ patriotism with fascism. I can see his links but the threads are thin.

I hear a recurring theme of a hopeful self fulling prophesy in Knute’s and other pieces I read. If Knute – and others – say the same thing often enough it has to be true, it has to come true.

So, I need to think this over… Is there a nationalistic/ patriotic surge in the USofA? And if there is, is it bad, even fascist?

I grew up in Iowa. Shows of nationalism/ patriotism are common… bumper stickers, flags on the front porch, hats and lapel pins proudly worn…

I visit the US frequently. I drive the highways and byways. Since I retired I have logged over 80,000 miles on 2 and 4 wheels. I stop in small towns, eat at mom-n-pop type places (when I can). I do not think I have seen more, obvious Nationalist or Patriotism now, than, say 10 years ago.

What is my measuring stick? It is basically the number of Stars-n-Stripes I see flying as I travel. I see the stars n stripes flying proudly everywhere I go. Not just in Iowa. Everywhere.

Now, I question if a protectionist attitude in business/ trade equals Nationalism/ Patriotism?

In may ways yes, in many ways no… The Shanty Towns Knute has written about, both historically and contemporary, are the direct result of an ailing economy. Knute points out that the Shanty Town dwellers are generally the uneducated, the unskilled. They have lost their jobs (or never had jobs) due to the decrease or shutdown of labour intensive industries such as logging, mining, etc.

Perhaps protectionism does, in many ways = nationalism/ patriotism. But I fail to be able to bring Fascism into this. Is it fascist to want your people, your citizens to be employed, self empowered and productive?

 an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
  1. synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule,Nazism, rightism, militarism; More

    (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.
    “this is yet another example of health fascism in action”

I am struggling here.

I think I see more of the wishful thinking, the hopeful self fulling prophesy syndrome here. Perhaps the newly elected administration will indeed be, or act in a fascist attitude, but thus far we have only words, rhetoric and bullshit.

Is it fascist to ask for an ID/ proof of citizenship when casting a democratic ballot?

I would only think it would be wise to ask for proof of eligibility and identity when entering a ballot booth.

Is it fascist to sentence a young man to 10 years in prison for a couple marijuana cigarettes? 

I do think so. I know this is an old example but it is, I think, a clear example of fascism in action.

OK… I am trying to come up with a modern/ current example of active fascism in the USA… I can see examples of intolerance. I personally know some rather hard-core, exmilitary, biker types that would stomp on you if you burnt a flag in their presence. I saw the news reels of the dude being beat up in Chicago for being a Trump supporter. I know the narratives of Black Lives Matter, Hands up don’t shoot, and the neonazi types saluting and hailing Trump, and to me all are examples of intolerance not fascism.

The fact that so many people have been allowed to protest, fill and block the roadways,  burn flags, defy police who were protecting personal property, Well hell! The lack of strong-armed tactics tells me there is not much blatant fascism at all.

Speaking of Protectionism… 7 years ago I was the Chairman of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce. At that time the Aussie led free trade deal known as “PACER Plus” was being marketed. I was expected to tow a party line and support the motion.

I was a small time business man, from a back water country, who ended up in a position of minor prominence not because it was  agood idea, but rather because no one else wanted it.

So I was called in by the Aussies to give the key-note speech at a business-promotion type conference/ fair. All was sponsored by the Aussies. We had a couple of members to the Aus and SI parliament in attendance. The heads from the Central banks. The SI High Commissioner, and a full plane load of political functionaries and lackeys.

I dressed the part in those days. Grey pinstriped suit, black shirt with my fancy bola tie. My ink was minimal and easy to hide in those days. My long hair always got hidden behind my bald dome. I looked like a “member of the team”.

But my message was not what they expected. After doing a mountain of research, talking with people from many “arenas”, I came to the conclusion that Free Trade only assists those nations/ industries (global entities)  who do not need to protect their positions, rather, they need easy markets for the excess production, and to tap into pools of cheap labour.

Also, I found that as industrial boarders were brought down, an elitist attitude creeps in where a “clean hands” business model is seen as efficient. By clean hands I mean that industry sees shipping the dirty jobs, the lower paying labour intensive grunt jobs  offshore as a positive. But, sadly, the main result is just what Knute is writing about… the Shanty Towns, the aimless labour force that is not required, but won’t just go away.


This piece is written by Willis Eschenbach. I have known Willis for over 30 years. I have always found him to be a thoughtful, respectful man.

In this he articulates why he chose to vote for Trump. He does a great job of giving a basic how n why he came to his decision.

Now some of my faithful readers know Willis for his years of Climate Change commentary…

It is easy to see that Willis is not “main stream”. But also, once you start reading what he publishes, you find that he brings a clear minded and even scientific approach to his topical, common sense conversations.

Now I do not, cannot agree with everything Willis says. We have shared many long hours filled with passionate discussion. But his approach is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

An excerpt from his referenced post…

“...But we are giving away one of the three pillars of any nations wealth. Those three ways to create wealth are agriculture, extraction, and manufacturing, and we’re giving away one of the three, our manufacturing base!

Industrial-level stupidity …

Now, of the three candidates in this election, two of them wanted to repeal or renegotiate NAFTA and to reject the proposed free-trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The other candidate wanted to continue NAFTA, sign the TPP, and continue the disastrous free-trade policy. It was one of the few issues where Trump and Sanders agreed. …”

It may well be good, even great for Alcoa Steel, or Dupont Chemical, or Coca Cola, or Carrier air conditioning to close its US based manufacturing, build factories in countries where minimum wage is US 50 cents per hour, and rules and regulations are much less costly…

It is a good idea… Providing they are not taxed when importing their products into the USA. That, in a nut shell, is what Free Trade is about…. breaking down boarders , NOT  to make peoples lives better. NOT to make a single nation better… but, for the sole reason of raising the profitability of a THE Global Players.


I recently  was granted a Retirement Visa that allows me to live in Australia. I can work up to 20 hours a week. I receive NO social benefits. I MUST have approved (and expensive) health insurance at all times.

I have been working on this for 6 years. It has cost me in excess of USD$ 25,000.00 to get everything and all sorted, done and dusted.

And I am very pleased. Australia is a good place to be. It is safe, clean, comfortable, the climate is good, and it is very close to “home”, the Solomons.

Perhaps I should be indignant that it took so much time, so much effort, and so much money. Perhaps. But this is a great palace to be. I chose to do this. And I am happy it is done, and very much agree it should have not been easy.

Australia should, by all means, protect what they have. They SHOULD NOT make immigrating to this land easy. They should be selective.

Now, importantly, I am an active proponent of immigration. I am of immigrant stock, and now have personally immigrated twice in my life. Each process was not easy nor inexpensive. But in both scenarios, the process was well laid out, fair in its decision making and unrepentant in its intentional control.

So… if protecting your boarders, your industries, your wok force IS INDEED FASCIST, well, hell! This ol Hippy must be fascist in tie-died clothing.

I shall end with a mantra…

More tolerance, more tolerance…

say after me… More tolerance, more tolerance…


Posted by: nativeiowan | November 14, 2016

2016 v10.belatedBday picts

This may take a while… I have written about the Bday Bash in August, but I am slow to get the final picts released.

Gotta thank Rebekah and the gang at Mask Events

Soo…. I gotta explain how much fun we had…

Lenny n Jorja bought me a proper Aussie-red-neck Akubra… luv it!mikes-guests-1Grace before she got too drunk…mikes-guests-2Connie was the only one of our kids who was free enough to come enjoy… Looks like she has a bottle of Hennessy XO here… she do look guilty as sin…mikes-guests-3Super Amanda… Mask Event Organiser extraordinaire’…mikes-guests-4Mr. Joe and I having a fine cigar …mikes-guests-5Patrick n Hine’…mikes-guests-6mikes-guests-7We did get raided…mikes-guests-8But the Constabulary were friendly…mikes-guests-9mikes-guests-10Hine’ being a pyromaniac…mikes-guests-14MaskEvents did a great job setting up an inviting and fun environment…mikes-guests-15mikes-guests-16Dr.Leonard Smith… thanks for the hat, bromikes-guests-22mikes-guests-25The fire dancers with Hine’, Angelo and Mendoza…mikes-guests-26Franklin and Fire People…mikes-guests-27Julie and Adrian…mikes-guests-30Joe in a Hawkeyes jacket…mikes-guests-31Maureen and Annabelle…mikes-guests-32Mr. stunned-mullet DaveO… mikes-guests-33Lindsey…mikes-guests-36Jorja…mikes-guests-37Hans…mikes-guests-38Chief 1st Class Wilson…mikes-guests-39My good-buddy The Big G…mikes-guests-40Luke…mikes-guests-41Isaac…mikes-guests-42Franklin…mikes-guests-43Rayden…mikes-guests-44Angelo…mikes-guests-46Mendoza…mikes-guests-47Hine’…mikes-guests-49Mr n Mrs Jorjamikes-guests-51Lindsey and Bev…mikes-guests-53Hans…mikes-guests-55Big G and Chief Wilson solving the world’s problems…mikes-guests-56Joe, Adrian and Julie…mikes-guests-57Mr n Mrs SteveO…mikes-guests-58Mr n Mrs Maureen…mikes-guests-59Mr n Mrs Lale n baby…mikes-guests-60Mama Connie…mikes-guests-61Some red-neck who dropped by….mikes-guests-62A table fit for a king…mikes-guests-64mikes-guests-65Connie being clucky…mikes-guests-68Hans,  Joe n Lindsey being amazed by the resident magician…mikes-guests-70

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