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So the world did not end, no one I know damaged their eyes, the light changed, temps dropped, n the cows made a bunch of noise and then there was totality… 

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2017 v8.campeclipse

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2017 v8.runn’naked runn’nwild

Day #3 finds me in Duchesne, Utah…,_Utah

What a neat place!. Very happy to be comfortably ensconced in a very cool small town Luxury Accomodation & Suites.

I had a feed in a very cool, small town cafe.  Fucking Home Made Cauliflower soup!!! Then mashed potatoes and beast n gravy. DAMN!!!!

Did I say DAMN!?

I am very happy…

Did I say the ride was epic? Well, at least the last part… Price to Duchesne was killer. Breath taking. Scary. Demanding. Exhilarating… day3 1

Only 55 miles. It took me well over an hour. Highest elevation over the mountain was 9000 feet. The climb up, then the running decent were both cool. Traffic was kind, and what I did encounter I easily got around. Ended up running through some impressive scenery. My darn helmet cam ain’t camm’n so no shots. Bummed but then I never take photos anyway and just cause I got a nifty new cam, well hell, I expect it to work. Foolish me!

And another circuitous day, with not huge distances gained, nor high speeds overall, but mostly very good riding… Up 15 and over on 70 is speedracer stuff. 90 miles an hour easy. Round big sweeping curves through majestic formations at horrifying heights, Pretty cool ride…day32

I want to talk about HWY 191… Looks like it starts at Agua Prieta, on the US/ Mexican border, and runs north to Morgan, on the US/ Canadian boarder. I was on 191 a bit a few years ago when riding through Utah and into Colorado. Pretty impressive road way… day35

One thing that strikes my fancy is that it runs right through Yellowstone Park…day34

I think I’ll ride through Yellowstone.

I think I’ll travel as far north as I can for two more days. I need to be in Idaho on the 19th. I have booked a tent in the mountains from which to view the coming Solar Eclipse. An eclectic, ad hoc tent city. Should be cool.

I’ll head for Jackson, Wyoming tomorrow, and Bozeman on Thursday. Gives me an easy day’s ride back south the 19th.

This aimless travel is kinda good for the soul…

More later

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2017 v8.naked ridn day2

A great day!


A strange, wandering route. And I end up at a gem of a little place, Cedar City, Utah.,_Utah

I ended up on Utah Highway 14,

The entire day was cool. Not a terribly long ride, and 7 hours is easy enough, but the country I rode through was worth the price of admission…

First stop this morn was the Grand Canyon… Of course, nothing but a big hole in the ground, but damn! What an awe inspiring big hole.

Didn’t stop a lot today. Not did I get to go very fast. The parks are all slower speed limits. But traffic was kind. I really enjoyed the diverse landscapes. The very best was my last hour today, riding through the cedar forest. The air was scented by the astringent-ish smell of the tress. It was very nice…

Got lucky with the light on this one…2017-08-15 16.45.30

Wide open and endless vistas…2017-08-15 15.06.50

Zoom in… You’ll see a 3-mule-team pulling a covered wagon…2017-08-15 16.46.12

Lakes in the drylands…2017-08-15 14.25.18

At repose…2017-08-15 13.02.03

more later…

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2017 v8.rid’n naked-day1

Always liked the term “naked” when it comes to 2 wheeled motoring… It naturally appealed to my repressed catholic sense of propriety…..

I sit in Kingman, Arizona. Day #1 of my 2017 naked ride through the highways and byways of the USA. And it has been a few years, eh? Been a few years since I got to long-ride across the US ofA.

Day #1: 2017 day1

So 5hours over 300 miles. I know, not a record but I am starting slow, working easily into what will be a lot of long hours on my trusty Triumph…

Was in the saddle by 10am this morn. First leg lasted about 2 hours/ 150 miles. Mostly high volume big city traffic. I get in the fast lane and just ride with the traffic. Speed limit says 65mph, traffic running 75 to 80.

So I just ride in the flow.

Once away from the city, once past Barstow and heading east toward Flagstaff, traffic is almost nonexistent. I just cruise at about 85/ 90mph.

The big blue and yellow sign says “welcome to Arizona”. If you zoom in you’ll see I am doing 80mph/ 140kph…2017-08-14 14.13.42

Tomorrow I am going to head north-east from here and go take a look at the Grand Canyon… day2:v1.jpeg

More later…

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2017 V8.2 on the road SoCal

Sitting in Pasadena. Landed 7am yesterday. Was here by about 830. Was a productive throughout the day…

First and foremost on my list of things to do was to get my Thruxton into be serviced. I had given the bike-place a call from Aus… check out…  If you need a bike or some bike work in the LA area, don’t go further than these guys.

So, Saturday morn and all is well… managed to fight the jet-lag bug yesterday. Was busy all day, had my bike sorted by about 3pm then Connie and I went out in search os sustenance and sedative… we found both at BJ’s… A salad and a pizza and half a dozen glasses of ale and I was a happy camper. Stayed up and organised until about 10pm, slept well and was up and happy by 7am this fine SoCal day.

I know this does not look like much, but one of the things that makes me HAPPY is my Evan Wilcox tins are here and ready to be sent to genius Jim in Aus… yea, right, tins and geniuses… I hear you, what are you on about???

Genius Jim is my britt-bike man in Aus. He rebuilt the 66 img_5553

Is working on the 69 Atlas. IMG_5074And has the 52 Triton… 2015-12-06 13.49.18

The aim of the Triton rebuild is to turn it (back) into a truck track-babe. We’ll give the engine a big punch and aim to have on the vintage racing circuit before to long.

The main hold-up on the project was getting the right tanks (tins) for it… I did my research and found that the dude who does the best and the coolest is here in SoCal, his name is Evan Wilcox… check out

The gig is this… when you give Evan a call to talk tanks, he tells you straight up that he has 2 years of work on his books. You give him a $100.00 deposit and you get on his list. He’ll build them when he gets to you… So I paid the deposit and waited. Somewhere last year my turn came but I waited a few more months due to “backlog”, and the tins git built early this year. All was complete sometime in April.

So the tins have been waiting for me here for some time. I opened the boxes up last night and had a peek… IMG_6402



Look nice, don’t they????

More later

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2017 V8.1 on the road

I am siting at Brisbane International airport. And I got a ticket to fly… got a ticket to ride too…

As usual, it’s a long story… for now I am content to sit n drink a nice coffee, enjoy the rattle n humm of the lounge where people congregate in preparation for their respective travels.

And Brisbane International is a humming place… a cross roads of Asia and the Pacific.

It is a humming place…

Me, I am just cruising…

Friday August 11 2017, flying to LAX from BNE. Hit LAX is about 17 hours. It’ll be Friday morning there, when I land. So some time travel is required in order to have loads n loads of fun. And fun on 2 wheels, I might add…

I am flying over the big pacific pond to hop on my trusted Triumph and ride. I am looking forward to it… Simply enjoy the long lonesome roads the USofA offers the intrepid 2wheeler. Off the top of my head I expect to pass through: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansa, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming, Maybe the Dakotas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, some of Montana, and Nevada. If I go into Michigan need to add Wisconsin an Minnesota.

So I hit LA Friday morn. I’ll grab a taxi to Pasadena. Wake Connie up. Get into “my” apartment, and start sorting my bike out. It has been sitting for 24 months. Even longer… Was August 2015 when I parked it after my last long-ride. This bike is a new one… I had traded my pervious Thruxton in when I got back from the ride with the Aussie boys. I had traded it in but had never really rode the new bike much at all. Cant really remember but I doubt it has 200 miles on the clock.

So I’ll hit the ground running, get the bike charged and then send it over to the shop to be serviced in the afternoon. All things being equal I should have it back Saturday some time. That means I can ride as early as Monday.

Still trying to decide what my first leg will be. If I can get out early enough I’d be keen to aim for Texas… Been hankering to look Uncle Teddy Selman up. Pasadena to Orange is only 1700 miles… 3 days. Three long days.

Or maybe a quick run up to Missoula to see the Filardi tribe. Perfect time of the year to ride in Montana.

Time will tell. First is the servicing on the bike. Second is a review of time and distances. Third is external needs and demands. Once I sort these things out I’ll know what I am going to do.

I know I need to make it to Iowa. Need to stop by and see my mom in Independence. I would like to do a northerly run into Michigan to see my ol buddy The Dancing Bear. Have a tent in the mountains booked for the solar eclipse on the 21st so that’s a big-un I need to keep track of. My flight back is the 7th of Sept.. So everything needs to be done n dusted within 4 weeks.

Got a new toy I shall be putting to use this trip… A NUVIZ heads up display unit for my helmet… 2017-07-22 18.12.00

It’s a unit that pairs with the phone and does general GPS duty plus camera and music and such. The trick with it is it gives you a “right eye” visual. The map it displays is small, but the verbal directions work real well. I like that it gives speed without looking down at the bike. I have tested it in Aus and so far am pleased with the freedom a heads-up gives me on my bike. As I ride this next trip I will review and write more on this nifty new toy…2017-08-05 16.35.50

To make the NUVIZ work I had to buy a new helmet… My standard “flip front” helmets don’t work too well with the NUVIZ so I went to a full face… Took some shopping but I found one that fits pretty good. Not sure about the graphics on it… 2017-08-05 17.19.36

I first thought it was a spider – cool – but then realised its an ant… which is cool too, I guess…2017-08-05 16.36.02-1

The lounge has just cleared out. The humm has decreased. Makes me wonder if my clock is wrong…

And life is good.

More to come…


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2017 v7.31gottaluvanislandtale

I am siting on the ridge above Honiara. Weather is overcast and rainy.  Temps are pleasant. A cool breeze rustles the vegetation. Birds sing.

The sky is hazy. I can only make out a feint outline of the Florida Islands. The seas are flat and grey. Cooking a big hunk of beast on the bbq for this eve. It is smelling great.

The hounds have aggregated around my table. All five of them loiter leisurely. I like having my hounds around me. This is Iowa and Rhett…

Eric Clapton, John Mayal and the Blues Breakers are singing about having rambling on their mind. The hounds like the tunes.

I am preparing to fly back south tomorrow. My time spent in these islands is always poignant, both sweet and bitter sweet. Both fun and frenetic and laidback and luxurious. From a full day of “office work” to a long day and a longer night sitting out on the water watching the stars and listening to the waves.

Every trip to these islands provides another worthy tale. Another story in the ol-skool EPIC tradition.

And I do have another classic “island tale”…

A tale of woe, severe hangovers, planes to catch, transfers from island to island, and very important cargo.

No doubt, many of my faithful readers have indeed experienced similar, noting most y’all have been drunk, delayed and painfully hung-over, if not in the islands – somewhere/ sometime- in life…

The story begins:

A Thursday morn, a 430am wakeup in Palmwoods, Qld, AU. My bags are packed. My trusty 20 year old truck is fueled up and ready for the run to the airport.

It should be easy – but for “The Bruce”.

One of things I really, really like about our place in Palmwoods is that it is not more than an hour and a half from our door to the International airport in Brisbane. If “The Bruce” cooperates.

The only road from door to door is known as “The Bruce Highway”. (remember Monty Python with their Aussie “Bruce” routine?)

Anyway, “The Bruce” is the only viable road to the airport. Of course, you can drive an hour inland, then an hour or so south, and you’ll be about an hour from the airport. Not ideal.

The Bruce is the arterial roadway from North of Brisbane into the city. For all vehicles, persons and pets living north of The City.

When traffic is kind (very kind) you can do the run in a bit over an hour. If traffic is unkind you simply do not get anywhere.

Last November I was traveling home from a trip and it took me 6 hours to do the run. A multiple vehicle pileup had taken place less than 45 minutes from home. Both lanes were completely closed.  I sat in traffic, engine off, for over 4 hours. The dual-lane roadway was a parking lot. I could not get off. I could not turn around.

So, Tuesday morn, I hit the road early. My flight is at 10am, so I am on the road by 6. This gives me up to 3 hours to do the run and still make my flight.

And all is well.

Traffic is not “bad”. I do the run in under 2 hours. Check in and am sitting in the lounge with well over an hour to kill.

The flight was non-eventful. Walked straight out of customs and immigration into the wet-heat of Honiara. Paul is waiting and we are home pretty quickly.

Paul and I are flying to Gizo the next morn so we have things to discuss and a dinner with a friend/ business associate at 7pm. We do a bit of work, play with the babies before supper.

All is good. What could go wrong in my world?

Anyway, buddy Hans at San Bis asked if I could bring up some good meat. On the way from the airport to Tasahe we stopped and bought a full rib fillet. It weighed over 6kgs and cost over 2000 SBD. Its frozen so I set it out to thaw so I can cut it. I’ll take half up to Hans and cook the other half when I get back next week.

All is good.

Time comes for us to head down to the Mendana for a Japanese meal. Our buddy, Clive, is on time so we have a couple beers before supper. Order a big mess of raw fish as an entre, and open a nice bottle of red to breath before supper.

The beer was cold, the raw fish delicious, the Bento Box very good – it went surprisingly well with the bottle of red. We are having fun telling tales and discussing people we know. Basic bullshit/ gossip session moderately fueled by alcohol.

Clive is the guy who is doing the Chokolate here. Check out:

So we are having too much fun.Clive suggests cognac and chokolate for desert and heads to his room for both.

A friend of Paul’s, Peter, has called. He was at a different watering hole and was wondering when Paul would be done and ready for a night-cap. Paul invites Peter to join us.

So Clive brings a good (if not great) bottle of Hennessey and a selection of his life’s work. We settle into sips of dark-brown-hot fluid and nibbles on bitter-dark-sweetstuff. And time flies…

Paul brought the bottle home as a trophy: IMG_6313

And time flies by. I have no clue what time we dispersed from the Mendana but the bottle was empty and the chocolate all devoured.

That’s the good news, we had a great feed with grand company topped off by glorious grog… The bad news is Peter is renting a house from us and lives in the compound, so he heads home with Paul and I… where he promptly gets his guitar out and we start having fun… more fun… we can’t let the fun stop… we want fun, more fun…too much fun…

Peter is an eclectic string-tickler with a passion for the blues with a slide on his finger. He is pretty good, sober or drunk.

All is good. What could go wrong?

Friday morn I wake to noise of a family on the move. Paul is rolling his bag to the car, Betsy is making noise with her household of females, we’ll be heading to the airport “soon”. I hear… It is 7am.

I am on the couch. Did not make it to bed. I very little recollection of even getting into my house. My bags though are packed and I am pretty much ready to walk out. A quick shower and I should be good to go… but…

But I feel like death.

It has been ages and ages and ages since I have been foolish with a bottle of dark, hot, alcoholic liquid. I know them all well, the bourbons and scotches and irish and kentucky single malts and french vsops and italian brandys…  I know their lying characters…. Their promise of a sweet mouthful with a double burn as it all goes down with a smokey after burn/ taste. I love good liquor, but imbibe very rarely anymore.

I hear sniggers n snorts in the peanut gallery… yes, my father did say that I’d drink horse-piss if it was 10%, and he was not far wrong – THEN. Nowadays I am a cultured well mannered ol granddaddy. Stop the snort’n…

My hard liquor days have been over for a couple decades. I am too mature and old and smart to fall in and drown in a bottle of hard liquor…

But I feel like death.

It is a well know feeling. That feeling of being poisoned by too much fun. It is a feeling I thought I hd grown past…

All is not well in my world!

I get showered. Cut the beast in half. Put Hans’ in a big double plastic bag and the rest in the refrig. Grab my bag and head to the car where I lay down in the back and try to go comatose.

The effort of the move was too much.My equilibrium is quite unhappy…  I suppress an urge to spew. Betsy gags as I dry retch. I get the window down in time to spit. It was a close call… Betsy had the kid-lock on so I could neither get the window down or the door open… it was close.

But I exert supreme control. I know once I start spewing I won’t stop so I lay and suffer in a harsh state of self control under tremendous pressure.


I was a bit better by the time we reached the airport.But no much.  I laid in the car as Paul checked us in. I got up to board the flight. I was carrying my backpack. Paul had the beast and his bag. I spoke little. Kept my feet in focus. One foot in front of the other… one foot in front of the other…

What could go wrong?

I have zero recall of the flight. Once in my seat I crawled into my cocoon of painful illness and woke only when the plane bounced onto Nusatupe.

So we get to Nusatupe, I am feeling ok, but very, very dusty. Paul is laughing at me. Snapping pictures for future reference. We canoe over to Gizo where I promptly climb onboard ICE and continue my recovery. It was maybe 1130 when I headed down the passageway into ICE’s airconned interior.

I slept until about 230. Got up and drained the bilges and drank some water. Shook myself like a wet dog and headed into the office to see about the work we need to get done.

My couple hours onboard ICE were as forgettable as the flight. I was proverbially “dead to the world”.

That’s when I think about the meat. As I head to the office.

Paul and Don are out. I check the refrig in the office. No meat. I check the freezer and find a crocodile. (doesn’t everyone keep a croc in the freezer?)

But no red bag of beast there…

Too much movement was making me feel queasy so I sit.

Don and Paul come back and we discuss the missing meat… we ask and look and hunt, again, and then decide it had been forgotten onboard the plane. A few more phone calls and some checking and we find that the meat is in Honiara. Back at Henderson in a refrigerator. All safe and sound.

Gotta love them islands. You can forget a big hunk of beast in a bag onboard, and its not lost. But its not here either. It’ll come up on a flight “tomorrow”.

I let Hans know what has transpired. I am going to spend the night at his place but now don’t have supper in hand. So I take a bunch of kidding and abuse.

Forgot the meat… He laughs when I say it’ll be delivered “tomorrow”. Yea, right!

We have a quiet eve at San Bis. The restaurant there does a mean chicken fricassee so we did not go hungry. I drank only water and went to bed early.

Saturday was a full day of office work. The meat did arrive on the afternoon flight. Hans was very happy. I had supper up with the family on the hill and did not get back to San Bis. We flew back here yesterday morn.

But the beast that was misplaced was indeed finally delivered. No losses incurred. Very little fallout or negativity… just a killer hang over and another great island tale.

And a good feed to be had tonight…  IMG_6314.JPG

Big smiles to all…

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2017 v7.on the fly

Sitting in Brisbane International airport. Waiting for a flight to Honiara. Been a while but am on the fly, again. 

Been a while. Australia is making me sedentary. I don’t travel as much as I did in years past. Partly due to being almost honestly retired. From about 2007 to 2015 I was on the fly a lot. I am down right lethargic compared to those frenetic days.

Aus is a good place To Be.

Climate is easy. Where we live is more than copacetic. I have found filling my days here to be a joy and a pleasure. 

I return again to those Hapi Isles that are indeed home to me and mine. This’ll be a short trip, Thursday to Tuesday, 5 nights. It defies explanation, the hapi-ness I get from the Solos. It is still a great place… in its own way. 

Some Picts of what has occupied me thus far this month… 

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2017 v7.0

A magnificent wintry morn in Queensland. The sun is shining, the birds are noise-making and the air is crisp. I sit wrapped in a granny made afghan. The doors are open the breeze is quite chilly.

I am watching the morning newz. I am more and more perplexed by the inanities and banalities of what is nowadays considered NEWS… I guess it is part and parcel of such a “connected” world… the Prez tweets, the world shudders, rating are king, the news-reporter-types are entertainers and not reporters.

I stress this point… Where is the NEWS any more? Was good ol Walter Cronkite an entertainer? Did we go to John Carson for news? Walter reported the whowhatwherewhen of it all and Johnny lampooned all n everything.

These days things are different. We live in a world without NEWS. I cannot find honest reporting anymore. I fear it is all and only about ratings. Why report honest news when it don’t sell? People nowadays need to be entertained, not informed.

But I digress… I digress from the beauty of the world we share to wallow in the morass of the banalities and inanities…

I recently had a bit of fun with the boys… a while back a huge old gum tree in the yard dropped a branch. This branch was 40feet/ 12meters off the ground and weighed tons. It simply got too heavy for the trunk and broke off… and landed on the fence!IMG_6151



It is a solid branch throughout. No rot or termites. So I decide to be creative. And I decide to put my pups to work…

We can make something out of this, and have fun doing it…

First off we have a good look and decide where we’ll employ the chain saws and what we shall produce from our cuts…

First cut is toward the end of the branch… I do what the islanders would do when they wanted a strong piece of wood for an ax handle or a paddle… they carved it in the tree then finished it off after cutting it off. My idea is to make a walking stick from the heart-wood of the branch. I initiate this by roughing my stick out…IMG_6132I scarf the top of the branch off in situ. I cut a series of parallels with the chainsaw then attack it with the ax. This allows me to follow the “heart” of the wood, the strongest, hardest, oldest part of the branch…

It took a couple hours but I end up with a roughed out stick… IMG_6145

Considering I am following the heart of the wood it shall not be straight. I have to follow the heart. So I employ a sabre saw, a machete, a big rasp, and a couple sanders and end up with this… IMG_6146

Another day of soothing and shaping and the finished product makes me happy… It is strong, strong, strong. And feels and smeels great.IMG_6159IMG_6160IMG_6161

As I chopped n chiseled and shaped, the boys de-barked a couple of logs I chose to be fire-pit seats. Using a hatchet and a hammer the boys beat n stripped the bark from the wood. IMG_6149

Thank goodness for the little tractor. These things are heavy, heavy, heavy. But the end product is very cool and works real well… With the cool weather we are out n sititng roun’ the fires most nights.IMG_6154

Speaking of heavy… somewhere along the line, with me and the boys attempting to fit the pieces of the seats together, I smashed a finger… IMG_6167

Damn, did that hurt. Bad, bad words were said and I groaned and yelled… 10 days later and it still hurts.

And life is good…

More later

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