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2016 v12.2 political overload

Ok, I am done. Not going to ponder, reflect nor argue on the hows n why of where we be. I am done. PERIOD

I am though thinking about the many timely topics which have arisen from the very entertaining and highly debated past number of months. Soooo many  topics involved and sooo much peripheral discussion. Sooo few topics disected thoroughly. Sooo much bullshitttt….

Today I have been thinking about the topic of “The Southern Wall”, “Govt in business”, “Free Trade”and “Labour Immigration”.

Actually I have been discussing this all with a long-term debating partner… I like longevity… Bski n I have been debating since about 1985. I lose track of time, I am getting old.

  1. On the topic of immigration, free trade and subsidies I wrote:
    You know I am a serial entrepreneur. Like you, Since I was 10 I mowed lawns, shovelled sidewalks, humped hay, delivered papers, etc, etc. I sold my services right left and centre for over 40 commercial years. I did not manufacture or extract but I DID, and have always made money DOING.
    My experiences have taught me that
    a) if it do not pay, it do not stay.
    b) subsidies simply do not work in the long-term. In my thoughts protecting an industry weakens it.
    c) regulations are required but habitually go TOO FAR. Like Unions, regulations have had a place and time but after a point they inhibit, not promote growth.
    d) I wrote on this topic as chair of the SI Camber of Commerce… I wrote that the government needed to provide the infrastructure required then get the hell outta the way.
    e) I am not a fan of free trade agreements. I know there are times where I am not 100% right with this thought pattern, that there are times where trade agreements can be beneficial to all parties, but such is rare.
    f) a catch 22 of sorts??? Lose the industry and end up with 1000 new homes on welfare assistance, or bail the company out … which costs more? Maybe let the natural transition occur?

2. WALLS NEVER FUCKING WORK. They cant. Especially when there is big money/ gain involved.

I think of an island tale… The old TradeCo store in Gizo – a big quonset hut near the market on the water front… They had an ancient (and very cool) safe. It was no less than 1.5m high x 1m deep and wide. Big brass handle on it. I remember it’s green paint with nice pin striping.
So, the safe at TradeCo… woulda weighed 400/ 500 KGS… 1000lbs easy.
It was in a locked building that had a fence around it. It was in the manager’s office so there were no less than 3 locked doors between the safe and the outside. A family of lived at the back of the building being the caretakers/ security guards.
One morning the store opened to find they had been burgled. The safe was gone. It was later found over on Loqa Island in the mangrove swamp. It had been beaten open using chisels, hack saws n crow bars. No power tools were used to open the safe, but the damn thing had been opened… and moved… across water!
My point? The fences, the doors, the safe did not stop the would be perps from getting the money. Me thinks that if there is financial/ personal gain then there can be found motivation to surmount most any barrier.
As well, it is well noted, the land-route for smugglers of any kind is only one of many options. So… me thinks the Wall is BullShit!
And, as mentioned herein, if the gain is great enough there shall be graft. I think I read that in the bible… there shall be graft.
As with the TradeCo matter, I recall that the security/ caretaker dude had been paid off and eventually spilt the beans on the safe-russling crew.
I have said this for years… the one way to diminish the profitability of drugs (of any kind) is to legalize them and tax the fuck outta them all. Prohibition kinda figured that out, no? Once it is legal and regulated and taxed the price will fall and the “bootleggers” will disappear.
I also mentioned before (noting I am not an authority here) that the info I have tells me that IF illegal labour was stopped, the US economy would suffer. We are as addicted to illegal labour as we are addicted to drugs. So… I guess we need a path to legalize the labourers?
Dunno, need to think it out noting that Aus and Kiwi have special Visas for short-term workers.
I also note the Aussie parliament has just struggled with trying to tax this labour market. They wanted to go as high as 30% but (I think) have settled on 15%. I also note that the tourist/ labourers are struggling to accept such a high tariff. It is a huge controversy… The average Aussie will not pick strawberries in 90 degree heat for 20.00 and hour (yes 20.00 an hour). Soimported labour is very important to this land.
I note a 3rd generation strawberry farm down the road from me … they have just started turning their strawberry fields into a turf farm. I assume its due to the bleak future for labour intensive agriculture. As well… Turf here can sell for as high as 10.00 per square meter, and is in high demand, so indeed economic forces of many kinds are at play, but… the strawberry fields will soon be gone.
In ending… nothing will stop an intent-ful criminal… nothing other than the financial return of the act NOT being worth the risk.
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2016 v12.1 political fallout…

I am compelled to do a bit of writing on the topic of “The US of A political sit-rep”, and the political fallout experienced therein…

Because I chose not to vote many view me as either an uneducated red-neck, or an ignorant white male who has no soul or mind… Because I did not vote I have lost some good peoples respect. I have been cast into that basket of deplorables. My words, which for years were accepted and even respected, now are being tossed back at me. I am both evil and fascist and an aged hippy, and a know-nothing expat, and a closet republican, and a lying conservative, and a slum-lord industrialist… all at the same time.

Some folks are actually quite abusive in their verbiage… It has become quite personal, too personal for some folks.

Me? I carry no one’s baggage. Say what you want but be respectful. When you start ranting and become incoherent or abusive I go into Mantra-Mode.

Some think I must vote, and more to the point, I must vote a liberal ticket; and more to the point I must vote for Hillary Clinton. And because I a) did not vote, and b) did not vote a liberal/ Clinton ticket, well, hell, I am just an ass hole, a red neck, another uneducated ignorant white male.

I have written about my position per voting before… So shall not reiterate my stance…

I want to share here two publicly published works discussing this topic of voting, the outcome we now must live with, and individual perceptions of what the outcome means…


This piece is written by Knute Burger… I have just done a bit of research on Knute and find him tone a very thoughtful and eloquent Liberal sorta guy.

I need to think about this but in my checking up I find he has written about getting private industry to fund “Shanty Towns” for the homeless – as a solution to the homeless…

I am going to have to think that over before comment but, hmmm, I kinda think that institutionalizing homelessness may not be an answer … I’ll ruminate and get back on that one… but…

In Knute’s piece he talks a lot about history, and draws direct correlations between then, and now. I fear/ feel that he is equating nationalism/ patriotism with fascism. I can see his links but the threads are thin.

I hear a recurring theme of a hopeful self fulling prophesy in Knute’s and other pieces I read. If Knute – and others – say the same thing often enough it has to be true, it has to come true.

So, I need to think this over… Is there a nationalistic/ patriotic surge in the USofA? And if there is, is it bad, even fascist?

I grew up in Iowa. Shows of nationalism/ patriotism are common… bumper stickers, flags on the front porch, hats and lapel pins proudly worn…

I visit the US frequently. I drive the highways and byways. Since I retired I have logged over 80,000 miles on 2 and 4 wheels. I stop in small towns, eat at mom-n-pop type places (when I can). I do not think I have seen more, obvious Nationalist or Patriotism now, than, say 10 years ago.

What is my measuring stick? It is basically the number of Stars-n-Stripes I see flying as I travel. I see the stars n stripes flying proudly everywhere I go. Not just in Iowa. Everywhere.

Now, I question if a protectionist attitude in business/ trade equals Nationalism/ Patriotism?

In may ways yes, in many ways no… The Shanty Towns Knute has written about, both historically and contemporary, are the direct result of an ailing economy. Knute points out that the Shanty Town dwellers are generally the uneducated, the unskilled. They have lost their jobs (or never had jobs) due to the decrease or shutdown of labour intensive industries such as logging, mining, etc.

Perhaps protectionism does, in many ways = nationalism/ patriotism. But I fail to be able to bring Fascism into this. Is it fascist to want your people, your citizens to be employed, self empowered and productive?

 an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
  1. synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule,Nazism, rightism, militarism; More

    (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.
    “this is yet another example of health fascism in action”

I am struggling here.

I think I see more of the wishful thinking, the hopeful self fulling prophesy syndrome here. Perhaps the newly elected administration will indeed be, or act in a fascist attitude, but thus far we have only words, rhetoric and bullshit.

Is it fascist to ask for an ID/ proof of citizenship when casting a democratic ballot?

I would only think it would be wise to ask for proof of eligibility and identity when entering a ballot booth.

Is it fascist to sentence a young man to 10 years in prison for a couple marijuana cigarettes? 

I do think so. I know this is an old example but it is, I think, a clear example of fascism in action.

OK… I am trying to come up with a modern/ current example of active fascism in the USA… I can see examples of intolerance. I personally know some rather hard-core, exmilitary, biker types that would stomp on you if you burnt a flag in their presence. I saw the news reels of the dude being beat up in Chicago for being a Trump supporter. I know the narratives of Black Lives Matter, Hands up don’t shoot, and the neonazi types saluting and hailing Trump, and to me all are examples of intolerance not fascism.

The fact that so many people have been allowed to protest, fill and block the roadways,  burn flags, defy police who were protecting personal property, Well hell! The lack of strong-armed tactics tells me there is not much blatant fascism at all.

Speaking of Protectionism… 7 years ago I was the Chairman of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce. At that time the Aussie led free trade deal known as “PACER Plus” was being marketed. I was expected to tow a party line and support the motion.

I was a small time business man, from a back water country, who ended up in a position of minor prominence not because it was  agood idea, but rather because no one else wanted it.

So I was called in by the Aussies to give the key-note speech at a business-promotion type conference/ fair. All was sponsored by the Aussies. We had a couple of members to the Aus and SI parliament in attendance. The heads from the Central banks. The SI High Commissioner, and a full plane load of political functionaries and lackeys.

I dressed the part in those days. Grey pinstriped suit, black shirt with my fancy bola tie. My ink was minimal and easy to hide in those days. My long hair always got hidden behind my bald dome. I looked like a “member of the team”.

But my message was not what they expected. After doing a mountain of research, talking with people from many “arenas”, I came to the conclusion that Free Trade only assists those nations/ industries (global entities)  who do not need to protect their positions, rather, they need easy markets for the excess production, and to tap into pools of cheap labour.

Also, I found that as industrial boarders were brought down, an elitist attitude creeps in where a “clean hands” business model is seen as efficient. By clean hands I mean that industry sees shipping the dirty jobs, the lower paying labour intensive grunt jobs  offshore as a positive. But, sadly, the main result is just what Knute is writing about… the Shanty Towns, the aimless labour force that is not required, but won’t just go away.


This piece is written by Willis Eschenbach. I have known Willis for over 30 years. I have always found him to be a thoughtful, respectful man.

In this he articulates why he chose to vote for Trump. He does a great job of giving a basic how n why he came to his decision.

Now some of my faithful readers know Willis for his years of Climate Change commentary…

It is easy to see that Willis is not “main stream”. But also, once you start reading what he publishes, you find that he brings a clear minded and even scientific approach to his topical, common sense conversations.

Now I do not, cannot agree with everything Willis says. We have shared many long hours filled with passionate discussion. But his approach is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

An excerpt from his referenced post…

“...But we are giving away one of the three pillars of any nations wealth. Those three ways to create wealth are agriculture, extraction, and manufacturing, and we’re giving away one of the three, our manufacturing base!

Industrial-level stupidity …

Now, of the three candidates in this election, two of them wanted to repeal or renegotiate NAFTA and to reject the proposed free-trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The other candidate wanted to continue NAFTA, sign the TPP, and continue the disastrous free-trade policy. It was one of the few issues where Trump and Sanders agreed. …”

It may well be good, even great for Alcoa Steel, or Dupont Chemical, or Coca Cola, or Carrier air conditioning to close its US based manufacturing, build factories in countries where minimum wage is US 50 cents per hour, and rules and regulations are much less costly…

It is a good idea… Providing they are not taxed when importing their products into the USA. That, in a nut shell, is what Free Trade is about…. breaking down boarders , NOT  to make peoples lives better. NOT to make a single nation better… but, for the sole reason of raising the profitability of a THE Global Players.


I recently  was granted a Retirement Visa that allows me to live in Australia. I can work up to 20 hours a week. I receive NO social benefits. I MUST have approved (and expensive) health insurance at all times.

I have been working on this for 6 years. It has cost me in excess of USD$ 25,000.00 to get everything and all sorted, done and dusted.

And I am very pleased. Australia is a good place to be. It is safe, clean, comfortable, the climate is good, and it is very close to “home”, the Solomons.

Perhaps I should be indignant that it took so much time, so much effort, and so much money. Perhaps. But this is a great palace to be. I chose to do this. And I am happy it is done, and very much agree it should have not been easy.

Australia should, by all means, protect what they have. They SHOULD NOT make immigrating to this land easy. They should be selective.

Now, importantly, I am an active proponent of immigration. I am of immigrant stock, and now have personally immigrated twice in my life. Each process was not easy nor inexpensive. But in both scenarios, the process was well laid out, fair in its decision making and unrepentant in its intentional control.

So… if protecting your boarders, your industries, your wok force IS INDEED FASCIST, well, hell! This ol Hippy must be fascist in tie-died clothing.

I shall end with a mantra…

More tolerance, more tolerance…

say after me… More tolerance, more tolerance…


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2016 v10.belatedBday picts

This may take a while… I have written about the Bday Bash in August, but I am slow to get the final picts released.

Gotta thank Rebekah and the gang at Mask Events

Soo…. I gotta explain how much fun we had…

Lenny n Jorja bought me a proper Aussie-red-neck Akubra… luv it!mikes-guests-1Grace before she got too drunk…mikes-guests-2Connie was the only one of our kids who was free enough to come enjoy… Looks like she has a bottle of Hennessy XO here… she do look guilty as sin…mikes-guests-3Super Amanda… Mask Event Organiser extraordinaire’…mikes-guests-4Mr. Joe and I having a fine cigar …mikes-guests-5Patrick n Hine’…mikes-guests-6mikes-guests-7We did get raided…mikes-guests-8But the Constabulary were friendly…mikes-guests-9mikes-guests-10Hine’ being a pyromaniac…mikes-guests-14MaskEvents did a great job setting up an inviting and fun environment…mikes-guests-15mikes-guests-16Dr.Leonard Smith… thanks for the hat, bromikes-guests-22mikes-guests-25The fire dancers with Hine’, Angelo and Mendoza…mikes-guests-26Franklin and Fire People…mikes-guests-27Julie and Adrian…mikes-guests-30Joe in a Hawkeyes jacket…mikes-guests-31Maureen and Annabelle…mikes-guests-32Mr. stunned-mullet DaveO… mikes-guests-33Lindsey…mikes-guests-36Jorja…mikes-guests-37Hans…mikes-guests-38Chief 1st Class Wilson…mikes-guests-39My good-buddy The Big G…mikes-guests-40Luke…mikes-guests-41Isaac…mikes-guests-42Franklin…mikes-guests-43Rayden…mikes-guests-44Angelo…mikes-guests-46Mendoza…mikes-guests-47Hine’…mikes-guests-49Mr n Mrs Jorjamikes-guests-51Lindsey and Bev…mikes-guests-53Hans…mikes-guests-55Big G and Chief Wilson solving the world’s problems…mikes-guests-56Joe, Adrian and Julie…mikes-guests-57Mr n Mrs SteveO…mikes-guests-58Mr n Mrs Maureen…mikes-guests-59Mr n Mrs Lale n baby…mikes-guests-60Mama Connie…mikes-guests-61Some red-neck who dropped by….mikes-guests-62A table fit for a king…mikes-guests-64mikes-guests-65Connie being clucky…mikes-guests-68Hans,  Joe n Lindsey being amazed by the resident magician…mikes-guests-70

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2016 v11.Voter Remorse

OK, it is sunday. Its is a quiet Sunday. I love

Grace and the kids will soon be heading off to church. I will watch UFC 205 in a few hours.

18 month old Ed sings and giggles in the background. She is a pretty relaxed baby, requiring heaps of attention and with a dare-devil attitude. One of her favourite words is “JUMP”. Her big bro, Mendoza, is a big strong healthy 11 yr old. He is adept at heights and defying gravity. Ed thinks she can do the same… caught her going up the ladder the other day. As I hooted n rushed to “save” her, she climbed faster.2016-11-11-15-29-31

But kids are good. Gracie commented just the other day that she feels stronger/ healthier after chasing Ed for a couple of weeks.

I like the smiles and giggles and mischievousness of a toddler… that can get into a lot of trouble, easily… and they move do damn fast… 2016-11-12-17-29-17-2


Woke to a phone call from my mad-wild buddy, Dr. Filardi. He regaled me in a tale of dragging a big, male Elk out of the Montana mountains. The entire drama involved in going-solo, high into the mountains, then coming out a couple of days later with 800 pounds of meat at the end of a rope… well, hell… that is just bitch’n. Always grand to hear from the Big Dok… we are scheming on a fishing trip… sometime… sometime…

SO… my topic for this Sunday is “Voter Remorse”. Only 4 short days past, the US electorate chose Donald Trump to lead the US for the next 4 years, AND, they gave him a fully cooperative House and Senate.

This means that the Republicans/ Conservatives are in control. The balance of power is in their hands.

One path of discussion would be “what does this mean” for the future? What about the past 8 years of predominantly Democrats/ Liberals agenda? What about ObamaCare? What about the Iran deal? What about WW4? So many possible paths for our discussion to take…

But rather than take this path, now, I want to look at what just transpired… what happened within the Electorate to give us this result? Why did we see a Conservative swing of the pendulum, after suck a long and wide shift toward the Liberal?

To do so lets see what happened on Election Day… base info coming from:

Total number of votes cast last Tuesday = 126,622,225 for 55.6% of the eligible vote. Backwards-math tells us the total number of eligible votes = 227,025,584. So 100,403,359 voters simply did a no-show…

2016 Presidential Election Voter Statistics Data
Data accurate as of 11.10.16 (10:00 pm PST)
Total number of early ballots cast 47,000,000
Total number of votes cast in the Hillary vs. Trump election 126,622,225
Voter turnout rate 55.6 %

Who are the hundred-million people who did not cast a ballot? I am one. I know a few other “disgruntled”  voters, like me. My argument is simply that I cannot support the Parties and Individuals as they are presented. I have never been able to find a candidate I felt was worthy of my ballot.

I know there are others who simply do not get involved. To say they don’t care is a bit presumptuous. But it is factual that they do not vote.

It is also factual that a % of the Disgruntled identify as either Conservative or Liberal or Independent. It will though take a bit of research to try to dissect this 44.4%, and why they chose not to vote this year. Why they were not inspired. But historically we see the average turn out about 50% so nothing really new in the level of Disgruntled-ness in the Electorate.

It is though quickly evident that any Party or Individual that can inspire and mobilise this huge body of the Electorate would handily win each and every election.

Here are the run-out numbers…

2016 Presidential Election Results Data
Number of electoral votes for Donald Trump / Michael Pence 279
Number of electoral votes for Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine 228
Total votes for Donald Trump (R) 60,034,250
Total votes for Hillary Clinton (D) 60,319,493
Gary Johnson (L) 4,099,040
Dr Jill Stein (G) 1,224,066
Evan McMullin (I) 461,524
Write-ins 420,334
Other 344,217

This brings the general numeric count into perspective… We see that the popular vote went for Hillary but not the Electoral vote. I have discussed the Electoral Vote in previous posts…

I know there is a lot of discussion about getting rid of the Elector College. It is a topical and timely discussion… BUT… in my opinion the system was initiated to allow representation of the less populated demographic… MEANING THIS… The top ten, most populated states could easily end up controlling the popular vote, year after year, election after election. The East-Coast, the West-Coast could dominate, even dictate, to the “rural” demographic. Thus the Electoral Vote System.

But that is indeed a long and tangential discussion I shall not go into here…

So, in 2016…

More college graduates voted for the Liberal ticket, as did more Blacks, Hispanic, Asian, Women and Youthful voters, and the Liberal Ticket took 7% of the Registered Republican vote.

The Conservative ticket attracted the majority of those without a college education, Males, Voters aged over 30, and took 9% of the Registered Democratic vote.

I find it interesting that the Independent Vote predominately went to Trump.

2016 Voter Demographic Results Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
College Graduates 43 % 52 %
No college degree 52 % 44 %
Male 53 % 41 %
Female 42 % 54 %
Age 18 – 29 37 % 55 %
Age 30 – 44 50 % 42 %
Age 45-64 53 % 44 %
65 + 52 % 45 %
White 58 % 37 %
Black 8 % 88 %
Hispanic 29 % 65 %
Asian 29 % 65 %
Registered Democrat 9 % 89 %
Registered Republican 90 % 7 %
Registered Independent 48 % 42 %

I see the important numbers being in the College Graduate V No Degree demographic… The Conservative/ Liberal split almost mirrored right/ left… 52% College Grads for Hillary and 52%nonGrads for Trump.

Not enough to really claim that it was the uneducated white male who made the difference, but enough to add to the weight of the other demographics…

The Age Groupings are important… The 18 – 29 age group should really have gone heavier on the Liberal side. That Trump got 37% of the Youthful demographic is a bit surprising to me -noting- that I think some of this demographic was lost to the Democrats/ Liberals due to the Bernie issue. I wonder if Bernie would have taken this demographic by a huge %. I think he would have.

The 30+ age group is interesting… about 15% of this demographic either voted Libertarian, Independent, or Other. Makes sense but again, definitely a sign that the Liberal Ticket failed to attract a  fair number of traditionally liberal voters.

The Ethnic split is quite amazing… Considering that Trump has made so much noise about immigration, and has sounded rather fascist, 29% of the Hispanic and Asian Electorate is HUGE. Not sure how to explain it… I guess the Liberal lines did not work… again, any more…

Along these lines… The fact that 9% of Registered Democrats chose to vote for Trump is important. As well, the fact that 2% of Democrats did not vote right or left appear to be votes lost to the Liberal side. A total of 97% of the Republican vote went right/ left with 3% going elsewhere. All up these two items represent a full 5% of party affiliated voters going “elsewhere”… either writing in or going Libertarian or Independent. 5% is huge.

So, there you go… Numbers are numbers are numbers… The reality is that we are in for an interesting ride, with Prez Trump at the wheel…

More later

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2016 v1.Election Cycle Mania

Here we gooo…

I gotta comment… after over 12 months of voyeurism and arm-chair punditry…

Donald Trump is President Elect… AND…

I am gob-smacked!




Did I say DAMN?

So, the next few days/ weeks/ months shall be very interesting…


Did I say Damn?

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2016 v10.Nice Bike Ride

Took off this morn to go visit my buddy jim at Blacktop MotoWorks…

Nice ride…


Jim’s place is way cool… I should have taken pictures…

Jim has been working on my TR6 , which will be on the road soon…2016-10-14-11-28-49

Has my 69 Atlas… 2016-10-13-10-15-49

And just sold me a Royal Indian “Woodsman”… woosman-copy

I own a 57 Royal Indian “TrailBlazer”… 2016-10-21-16-33-52

The Royal Indian is not a real common, or even respected bike… but… They are rare… rare as complete 59 Bonnies, as rare as a low-mile 52 Tbird…

This is an amazing Barn-Find… one that will eventually be in the same shape as the “Blazer”…

It has everything that will be important.Jim will bring her back to showroom-shape… This will end up being a kickarse compliment to the Blazer.

The Woodsman… As Is…wdman-5wdman3wdman4wman1

So, one more bike on my stable… stay tuned to this channel to see how the “Woodsman” turns out. Irt shall be a thiaang of BeAutY…


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2016 v10.SundayReviews

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon here. I am baking a banana cake. Drinking some nice wine. Should be doing some tidying up….

Grace and Mendoza are out on their Sunday date. They are going to church but they leave early, noonish. Head to the local mall and have a look around. Buy something un-required but never the less cool. Then have lunch before going to church. They’ll be home around 6.

I recenlty held onto some good bananas, planning to make banana cake… The two I put aside – forgot about days ago are nicely overripe… And 2 new contestants sit on the counter, not as overly ripe but nice. Time for banana cake…

I do not really follow a recipe when making banana cake. Old rule wuz: 1 cup flour for one banana for 1 egg for 1/2 cup of sugar. Some folk add butter or honey or cinnamon or nust or chocolate chips or… 2016-10-23-15-34-08 I add wine to make the process more enjoyable…

And, I added some ngali nuts because I can…

Who out there misses ngali nuts? 2016-10-23-15-49-24

So my banana cake has 4 bananas, 3 cups of flour, a bit of honey, a half cup of sugar, and ngali nuts. I added extra baking powder. Stirred the hell outta it all. It looks as though it is rising nicely.2016-10-23-16-01-55

Most of my banana cakes end up like bad island pudding. I do tend to put more bananas in than required – aint more, better? – but this one looks to be turning out very nicely…2016-10-23-16-30-33

It turned out great… 2016-10-23-17-04-27

The bananas are out of the garden.

I should be tidying things up around the house/ yard. We had Miriam and Solo over yesterday. Miri and Solo are young Solomon Islanders who have migrated to Aus. Solo is a busy electrician. Miri is a mom, lawyer, lovely woman.  A friend of Daughter, Connie’s… they went to school together and both came out at lawyers. But Miri has a 5 yr old, Ethan, and twin baby girls, Elly and Evie. The babies are 4 months old. And soooo cute…

Sorry, no pictures…

They brought Solo’s parents from Mausupa, Are Are.

It wuz a nice islands kind’a afternoon…

I hold out my hand and  say “I’m Mike”… He shakes hands firmly, with the classic island “one shake” method, saying “Solomon”.

I never learned Mommy’s name. She is a classic ol’village matron. Shy, humble, happy, and motherly. She waits on Mr. Solomon. I try to distract her. But she follows him, stays close to him. He eats 3 of the 9 pork chops on the table. She keep pushing food toward him. He consumes all without a word. There are few leftovers.

But Mommy was a bit drunk…

I offered them both a glass of wine. Mr. Solomon had  a half glass and refused more. Mommy drank her first half-glass in one go. So I poured her a second, half-fill. She swallowed it down like medicine… We all laughed.

The twin baby girls were a blast. 4 months old they are funny little devils. The younger one, Evie, is dominant. Elly is pretty laid back. She likes to have her feet massaged.

They left late last eve. We had too much fun. We had too much food. Mommy drank too much wine.

By the time they left it was dark. It was sooo much fun with the kids here. We played in the pool and with the dog.

The pool was great.

the dog loved every minute of it.

The two olos from Mausupa were a bit fearful of my 50kg pussycat… But after they relaxed and I got Kuma settled, it was good for everyone. I told them he loves being told how handsome he is…Mommy kept petting him and says, “nice Bola, nice bola”…

So, when they left, it was starting to rain. W pulled all the yard furniture and toys and implements onto the terrace and went towards bed. We all slept early and woke late.

And I woke in time to watch the Chicago Cubs win their division and head direct tot eh World Series… Yea, go Cubs go…

I do need to tidy up…

My custom furniture which I ordered a year ago… I designed this house with certain furnishings in mind… But it didn’t all come together in time… The snooker table is perfect, but no stools to sit an heckle from…

The tables made vintage Jarrah salvaged from a wool shed in SA… No real rhyme or reason to have tables without chairs… they looked stupid… but no longer

Dining chairs with jarrah table…2016-10-23-15-39-01

Kitchen bar stools…2016-10-23-15-39-10

The captions chairs in the “Sports Bar”…2016-10-23-15-39-37


Yes I am a patient man… The snooker table came late, but looks great. The jarrah tables came late but look great… but the chairs.. the chairs… they look great!!!…

But took ages n ages…

Light sucks… table n chairs, counter n stools, snooker table n sports bar n captains chairs on the terrace…2016-10-23-15-40-00

Besides babies and bbqs and general bullshit…

Been polishing my Royal Indian… 2016-10-21-16-33-52

Nice bike, eh?

more later

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2016 v10.olfartfunandgames

A fine Friday morn here in the land of Aus. I have been out gardening early. Clearing a bit of dead-fall, spreading a bit of mulch, talking to my roses n watering the radishes.

I have many bird-friends here on the property… A very committed couple of Plovers have called this place home for a long time. I saw a new, big Turkey-Cock scratching in the brush. They scratch to build a mound of debris from which they rule their roost. A nice, big Kookaburra has claimed a monster-tree where he sits high and laughs at the world below. A pair of big Iguanas live in the drainage, but I have not seen them for a while. Migratory birds of uncountable flavours, colours, and calls come and go regularly. A couple big White Ibis have been hanging around down in the corner. Wood Ducks have been around lately. The Magpies and crows come and go, come and go.

The smell of My Roses fill the air. The wind-chime giggles in the slight breeze.

My Roses have to be my ultimate favourite garden resident… The Rose Garden is right outside my bedroom. I open the doors up wide and the room becomes part of the garden. The perfume is a constant cozy companion. img_5114

Have mentioned before how My Roses bring me close to My Grandmother. Granny always had roses around. Her Roses scented the world around here. She used a rose perfume and the scent of Roses always brings me close to Granny. I have her bible. Its till smells of her perfume.img_5115




In the backside of the shed Gracie has a small veggie patch. We have radishes, spring onions, kale, egg plant and peppers…img_5119

The radishes are doing great, but everything else is struggling…img_5120


I am blaming the lack of performance on the seeds. But patience is required. img_5122

And life is good…




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2016 v8.0BdayBoogie

Been remiss in reporting on a very important Ol Fart Party I threw for myself. Some of my faithful readers have been to parties I  have thrown in the past…

Well, this one beat ’em all..

My defence is that It Wuz Time For A Party… We were just finishing off the development of the property here in Aus, I had a birthday coming up and, well, most importantly, It Wuz Time For A Party.

Normally I’d kill a pig, n send the boys fishing n go cut wood n the mangroves n buy a mountain of grog n hoot-in the tribe to cook for a day and a night and feed the whole town. Normally I would… but I am getting old. Thats kinda the point.

So I rolled the dice, did a web-search and found Mask Event organisers… and and ‪#‎oldfartfunngames‬

I basically handed The Party over to Mask… namely Rebekah and Amanda. I gave them skeletal instructions… 1) I wanted a Swing Band, the bigger the better. 2) I wanted to invite 30 people… roughly 10 kids and 20 big kids. 3) I wanted entertainment. 4) I wanted it to last 2 days.

Sound like a party yet.

So the Mask Ladies and I talked about what wuz going to be what… I wanted good wine with bubbles. I wanted a good bar with a real bartender. I wanted a slow gastronomical experience with music and dancing and fun interspersed.

And the MASK LADIES blew our socks off.

Wine flowed…mike_verve_gold-tealight_grey-pot_flowers1a

The grog was plentiful… mike_bar-letters_spirits1a

The Bar Was Bitch’n… mike_bar1a

Care for a fine CiiGarrr…. mike_cigar-bar1a

This is early eve as the party is starting. The campers in the pict are the over-night accommodation for this who intend to imbibe. Note the gals on stilts pouring champers for the arriving guests…mike_whole-shot-day1a

Mike_stilt walker1a.jpg

Lit up for the festivities…mike_whole-shot_night1a

The Belly dancer was entertaining…mike_belly-dancer_drum1a

The Fire Dancing wuz HOTTT…mike_fire-girl1a

There is a fair amount of self-study that can come with Bdays in general. Do you feel older? Are you older?

But I wuz too busy enjoying this party… Too bizzy having fun and drinking and enjoying good fun and great company… I was too bizzy to feel older…

But I did the next day… And thats another story…

More later

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2016 vPolitical rhetoric

Sunday morn here in the land of Aus. I am drinking fresh carrot/ beetroot juice n watching the news.

Or is it the Bluez?

The US election cycle is ultimately entertaining. It is better than fiction or farce. You could not spoof it better.

And while Clinton and Trump sling mud on each other, the world burns.

But at least the US will not have “boots on the ground” in the Mid-east… as they send another 5000 troops.

And Mexico will build for a wall on the Southern boarder. Then we’ll watch US crops rot in the fields and toilets go unwashed.

Of course the election is rigged. No matter how you toss the coin, a lying, thieving political creature will win every seat.

Russia is, again, the blame for all thing evil and bad. And that is comforting.

And the US electorate eat shufflefuls of shit n propaganda.

As a expatriated yank I find it all embarrassing. Shameful.

Nothing new though. nothing new…

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