Posted by: nativeiowan | May 21, 2020

2020 v5.overcast and chilly here

The general bizzyness of my mundane, ol-fart life style on display today… Slept late – until about 8, put the second coat of varnish on the table we started refinishing days ago, mowed my 3 acres of lawn, came inside, had a nice warm shower, and here I sit all wrapped up in my granny-blanket.

Weather has turned. Today is quite cool. Nights now going to be single digit c temps. Days, without the sun, are damn near cold. Very little sun filtering down, providing warmth. A chill wind stirs the flora. The bird life is active, noisy, hapi.

I was watching the Cable News and came across a couple instances where dear ol, “Witch from hell Pelosi”, says some of the dumbest stuff… Tries to act as though she is concerned for TheDonald. Uses her motherly/ grandmotherly best manners when she says “I pray for him”.

And for some reason that just rankles the hell outta me.

I cant fathom what’s in the Witch’s soul but I doubt greatly she prays for TheDonald, not like my Grandmother prayed for me… My grandmother would often say “I pray for you”. I never doubted her. She said it to shame me, to make me feel guilty. But also to show her love and concern.

I knew she prayed that I’d cut my hair, get a real job, stay home more, sleep more, eat better, drink less. She prayed for what she thought was my betterment. She wanted me to change, to become as she wished me to be. She indeed loved me and wanted the best for me, in her ways and beliefs. She prayed for me to not be me, to change, be someone or something different. In her mind she wanted me to be “better” than I was.

I cant for an instant believe that the Witch’s intent while praying for TheDonald is loving, kind and positive.

Sure, the Witch, like my Granny, is praying for change, but she publicly proclaims such to praise herself, to polish her halo. To sound good and kind and loving. To appear better than her political adversary.

Not for any positive, profound or purposeful good. Not because of love.

By the way, the damn table refinishing turned into a fucking mess… The first coat of resurfacing (after scrubbing and sanding and prepping) did not take. I used a two-pot mix that should harden kinda quickly, but it didn’t. It stayed tacky after almost 3 days.

Of course I argued with the table, mixed another mess of two-pot stuff and poured it on. And the table rejected it. I thought I could convince the first coat to cure by putting a layer, heavy with hardener, on top of it. Didn’t work. Not even a little bit.

So, after three coats of messy, smelly stripping compounds, a lot of scraping and even more scrubbing, then some sanding… after a number of days beyond what I expected this job to take, I laid the first new coat last eve.

It looked good this morn. I gave it all a soft sanding and laid another coat. Looks like I may have argued the table into submission…

More later

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