Posted by: nativeiowan | May 19, 2020

2020 v5.ruminations on a golden eve

It’s a glistening, golden, light filled eve. We’ve had a lot of showers today, the air is crisp and clean. The sun is setting below the tree stops to the the west. Bright shafts of diamond daggers slip through branches and blind my eyes. The Sun’s aurora diffuses with the clouds, stretches and enlarges to a large white hot blur in the sky.

The weather is grand. Bright sun light for a while then a heavy squall. Then a long, lingering drizzle. Then a blue-sky down-pour.

It’s all very, very pleasant.

It saddens me to see Barack Obama speak out in the current political venue. It cheapens him some how.

I’m kinda impressed that The Donald has started taking chloroquine. I personally do not get the hype and bullshit about the Chloroquine controversy. It nothing but partisan political rhetoric. If something works, if we know that a substance we’ve been using for decades has a chance of being positive, by all means sally forth. Make use of the tools at hand. failing to do so is either idiocy or diabolical.

Funny thing about chloroquine… Before I left the US to become a volunteer in the Solomons, I was sent three weekly doses to chloroquine to take before I flew. When I hit the Solomons in January 1981, I went completely troppo. Barefoot, bare chest, willing to sleep by the kitchen fires, fishing at night, tramping thought the jungles, the island life style suited me well. Within 6months I’d gotten to know ol Mr. Malaria. Within 12months the offices responsible for my health as a Peace Corps Volunteer, started testing different drugs on me. It appeared as though my weekly dose of chloroquine was not sufficient to keep me from achieving a state of chronic malaria… no sooner would I shake a bout, and I’d get a new one, or maybe the old one never left. A big part of it was my lifestyle I simply got bit by a lot of mosquitoes.

I lived with malaria for quite a while. The damn drugs they were giving me were terrible. My weekly prophylaxis changed several times. Besides chloroquine I do recall quinine, malloprine, lariam, and a malloprine + doxycycline. All had great ability to make one feel very ill. Another one, Primoquine, was the worse.

Eventually I decided the weekly prophylaxis was a waste of time. Rather than slowly poison my liver, I’d take a cleansing dose of meds when I got ill. Of course I took this step after living with malaria for maybe 3-4years. If I was going to make the malarial latitudes my home, I’d better figger something out. Living on poison ain’t a path I wanted to take.

Two drugs became my standby… My family never went anywhere without either chloroquine or, later on, arthemeter. Which ever was available at the time

When we sent our kids to boarding school we sent them with a supply of “in case” meds. I have chloroquine on hand these days.

But of course the idea that TheDonald is taking such becomes some strange form of news. I don’t get it.

The sun just dropped behind the trees. the air temps dropped, its getting chilly.

Smiles all a round…


  1. Tru all. You taught me to take three chloroquine three days in a row to abort a threatened bout of malaria, worked for me. So like you, I don’t understand what all the talk is about. The drug was developed in the 1930’s, so we’re totally cognizant of the dosages and the occasional side effects … what’s the big deal?

    Good stuff, well written.

    Hugs to the family, kisses for Zai,


    • Thought of you while writing. I learned it from another ol’island hand, long dead, forgotten by most… And the beat goez on…

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