Posted by: nativeiowan | May 16, 2020

2020 v5.Saturday coming down

Damn! It’s the middle of May. The 6th month of the year racing upon us. Damn!

Time sure do fly when you’re having fun.

Busy Saturday here. Plenty of household chores to attend to. 14 yrold, Mendozza, is a good work-mate. We sanded and refinished the kitchen table…

Nice and shiny with a new of coat two-pot mix

Cooked a mess of hot dogs. Cut up a “from the garden” pumpkin. One of the last…

Tastes better if its burnt a bit

I sit in the sunshine in my back-forty. I’m on a stool just outside “my shed”. Or, maybe, The Shed. Some of my faithful readers have been here, know how pleasant it can be here… The old-fart radio station plays the oldies and goodies. The yard is noisy with bird life. It’s our winter here. Very pleasant time of year, if it don’t get too dry. Last year was terrible dry.

The grandgirls are being noisy, but cute. There’s food happening on the verandah so the girls and Kuma all scramble and coexist in that luvely big-dawg- little-kid symbiosis.

Amid this Wuhan-Virus mania, amid this state of civil-rights-impeding, “shelter in place” , get fined for being gregarious mania: I note a number of very interesting things that go unmentioned in the wider world… Jeffery Epstein is forgotten, The Clinton in-the-white-house sex life is condoned by the media, A self proclaimed running mate of Uncle Joe Biden, is met by another would be/ wanna be… I suggest that Stacey Abraham’s feels as though the DNC has made her a promise. Time will tell.

Sleepy Uncle Joe is an interesting diversion/ discussion: I feel sad when I listen to him. Golly, we know well that candidates are puppets put in place by bigger players, bigger operators, The Puppeteers.

But damn, I think Joe is kinda sadly being nefariously manipulated. He should be sitting by a fire, shoulders covered by a blanket, a good dog at heal…. I can’t be convinced he still has his whole box of twinkies.

I think a few have been consumed or exchanged for favours, and a few were left out in the rain got soggy, and what he’s left with simply is not enough to ring too many bells. He’s still likeable, but this sex with fingers gig, and the Flynn debacle may well put a big nail in his likability. But I don’t think he is “up to IT”. His VP will be an important choice.

I ponder the cost of this mania. And wonder why its so fucking hard to get money to people… consider… The US has injected huge sums into various programmes. Sums totalling over 3trillion Dollars!!!!! And they are asking for more… DAMN! It’s such a con-deal… If they give every citizen 1 million in cash. No strings. Buy what ever you want. The economy would be well lubricated, and the cost would only be 325 million. Hell, give every one 2 million. Have a party… cost only 700mil!

Same here in Aus… billions, not trillions here… But with only 25 million folks here they could give each 4 mil and only spend 100 mil.

People will say “its not that easy”… Don’t know, but I’d say its easier than they make it appear.

More later

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