Posted by: nativeiowan | May 3, 2020

2020 v5.Wow, its May

Damn! Its May already.

Kinda snuck up on us as we all sit in isolation, I guess.

Sunday morning coming down here. I slept real late… Its winter here. The days are blue skied, warm with a crisp wind. Nights are double blanketed. I normally wake in the morn about 6, take a much needed pee, then wrap in my granny-blanket and listen to news as my house makes noise waking up.

This morn was extra noisy… supposedly, there are limitations, but supposedly the restrictions here in Qld are lifted as of today. Beaches and parks and public areas opening back up. Grace is hapi because she can go get her hair done. The family – Paul, Betsy, Angelo, Mendozza, G.G., and Nova- got ready, noisily, to go visit one of the local water falls.

So somewhere between 8 and 9 the house went quiet. I rolled tighter in my blanket and slept until 10:30. It felt great. When I woke and opened the bedroom curtains, I commented to Grace how long its been since the house was quiet.

Twice last night, between 11 and 12, I had to go ask the boys to turn their big TV down. They were playing on-line war games a bit too loud, I could feel the vibration of the bombs and booms through the bedroom wall.

Most mornings one of the little girls come screeching into our room. They have high, piercing cries. A combination of a squeal and a whistle. Its unpleasant to wake to.

Lets see… visuals are always good…

My Mother turned 93 on the 1st. If not for the lock-down on the planet we’d have celebrated with her

And the beat goes on

More later


  1. Thanks for the pix, hugs all ’round!


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