Posted by: nativeiowan | March 28, 2020

2020 v3. de shit just got real

Sitting in the sunshine in the back yard of the Palmwoods ranch. We’ve been sitting quiet after picking the boys up from school last Wednesday. Aiming to isolate as much as possible while this virus-scare blows. I do a trip to the shops every few days, only buying what we need for a few days.

I note that there has been way too much selfish bullshit taking place. We don’t “need” much and to buy months worth of goods is just plain dumb. I was speaking to a guy who commented that the local white goods stores, the places that sell refrigerators and freezers and bread makers and such, are like the grocery stores… a lot of items simply out of stock. People panic buying and bulk freezing food has led to meat being in short supply. We live in dairy country so good milk and cheese is easy here. Grog shops and hair dressers are considered essential services and remain open.

So, de shit just got real in our household. Daughter-in-law, Betsy, called from work, she being isolated after coming in contact with a virus-ill patient. Paul went to get her. She’ll come home and stay in one of the bedrooms until such time as her supervisors at the hospital tell her she’s ok… either the patient proves to be negative or 14 days passes. Which ever comes first.

In our house we have Paul, Betsy, their 5yr old GG and 3yr old Nova. Plus Angelo, Mendoza, Grace and I. A cousin from the Solomons, going to Uni on the coast, has been staying while school is suspended. She’s going back to her home. Lessens the number of cloistered peoples to manage by one.

Through out the madness of hysteria and fear of illness, throughout the confusion and panic, the mistakes and mishaps and closures and all and everything that has transpired so quickly…

Through out all I have refrain from being vocal. I have refrained from being vocal about the dip-shit-pundits that criticise every effort to alleviate that which is unknown but very feared. I have been quiet about the many blunders of omission and commission… Fucking-dumb-ass Cuomo in New York didn’t know what he had on hand and gets caught being a loud mouth cry baby. Dumb-shit liberal judges release folks from incarceration, only forcing the local constabulary to deal with these guys the next day. Witch-from-hell-Pelosi wants to inflate the response funding by gigabytes to support loony-liberal programmes that ain’t got nuthn to do with the virus. As a huge challenge, as huge threat to all n everything, such as had not been seen in generations… As we are concerned with reaction times, the same-ol, same-ol political BS dominates the loony left.

No, I have not shot my dumb-ass mouth off about the stupidity of elected leaders world wide. Here in Aus, Morrison talked a good game, walked the walk, only to see States handle things differently, in their own way… leading to infected people getting into the public and exacerbating the situation by a factor of ten.

But, in support of the inept leaders we the people elect… no one could have been prepared for this.

Sure, we all know its been predicted and perhaps even expected. We knew that our modern life styles are ready to be influenced by an extreme external factor. But I don’t believe any authority or elected body could have been prepared for the size and extent of what we’re seeing.

My tribe here in Aus is in a pretty damn good situation… Big house, acres of yard, big pool, motorbikes and machines to have fun on, monster garden just in time for seasonal planting. We harvested pumpkins today. Fertilised and dug and cleaned. We’ll plant in about a week.

It’s going to be tough to have Betsy in isolation. Her girls are going to miss her. She’s going to miss her girls.

As I speak, the boys and the little girls are in the pool. Winter is coming on so I’ve turned the pool-heater up to 30c/ 85f. I keep the pool covered when not in use and its always nice to open it up and hop in with a smile, considering air temps between 18c/ 60f and 30c/ 85f daily.

I’m very pleased with my management of electricity-usage… Or rather, the management of my electrical-all… My 15kva PV system with adjacent 15kva powerwall provides 80% of our needs most days. It’s important to note that we use huge amounts of electricity: Big pool, big house, many people. Before the PV system was installed our bill was 1000.00AUD a month. Now a-days its less than 100.00AUD a month.

I use a system of timers and switches to manage on and off times of all major electrical components. If I were to run all the pumps at once I’d very much consume all and more than the PV can provide. So I give the first hours of the morning to the battery for recharge, then the heater is on for 3 hours, then the filter system then the floor system. By 3pm all is off and the battery gets another boost for the night. It’s now 330pm, very overcast day, and the system is producing 2.8kW with the house now consuming .7 and the battery getting a good charge.

And the beat goez on…

More later

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