Posted by: nativeiowan | February 13, 2020

2020 v2.13

A Thursday here. The rains remain. Heavy rains. Deluges. The sort that you cant walk out doors, even for a few steps, without being drenched.

Need to get a bit of business done… need to get this GOFUNDME page out there…

Those of us who had the honour of knowing Patrick Purcell, knew he lived for today.

When he flew to Australia, just one week ago, he was ill but felt confident he would be flying back to Gizo.

But noooooo… his raggedy arse got promptly put in hospital, his condition was way, way worse than thought, advanced aggressive Lukemia was the diagnosis.

Pat passed quietly about 4pm on Tuesday the 11th. His wife, Jully, two daughters, Lomé and Lale, and son, Ricky at his bedside.

So, as we close these pages of of Life, we have to pay the ferryman. There is a cost to death.

I’m assisting the family sort the financials involved with dying is Australia. Final costs are AUD$25,000.00.

So… I’m going to pump this fundme page out and ask all those old hands, friends, bar flies and dancing partners to lend a hand.

Thanks in advance….

On a lighter note:

Today is Lucky 13’s fifth bday… Also known as Gloria Grace, or G.G. She’s 5yrsold today. Started school this year.

They get big so fast..

Big smiles

More later

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