Posted by: nativeiowan | February 12, 2020

2020 v2.12 banshees

Definition of a banshee…

A shelf in my shed collapsed. After an easy three years… I noticed it a little while ago. Can’t say when. I’ve been busy.

Nothing immediately important on the floor. Nothing breakable. I’ve had my old books n some charts n tools n various debris piled up there, too the ceiling, for a while.

Willis’ sextant in the corner but it is fine.

As I clean the mess up I find these.

Hugs to those nearest


  1. Glad to hear my sextant made it … what’s up with the noble ICE these days?


    • Yep, the shelf the sextant was on collapsed but I so much junk on the shelf and my tool box below that the puked up and held the sextant on the broken shelf.

      Ice is still a dream. I’ve got a new shoulder so no longer a liability on board. So, soon we’ll be ICE guy day once again.

      Come play

  2. Oh, yeah, glad nobody was standing under it …


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