Posted by: nativeiowan | February 10, 2020

2020 v2.11 This Mortal Coil

1210am this Tuesday morning.

I’m a bit wired. It’s late and I’m up, watching a Bgrade movie and thinking about the past… Maybe being nostalgic…

My ol compadre, partner in crime, brother at arms, Pat Purcell lies his death bed.

Pat and I have been friends since he first landed Gizo in… ??? …. 83/84? I’m old, my memory fails me…

As Pat lies his death bed, I visit, I sit beside, I share time and space with him and his family.

Today he is much diminished.

More tomorrow


  1. Death is a bitch. Thanks so much for being there with him, I’m sure it means a lot.


  2. It will come to all of us. Pat is just finishing this part of his journey. We are there with you in thoughts and spirit. Love to the Fam.

    • Sunday eve, Pat n I talking. He doses off for a bit then come back, says “I was just siting with old man Paul, what were we talking about?”. The old man Paul would be Paul Sirell. We buried Paul in Gizo quite some time ago. It made me smile.

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