Posted by: nativeiowan | January 25, 2020

2020 v 1.25 a Saturday

For us, here in Aus, on this sweltering Saturday, we’re looking at the end of the holidays.

Like the end of “summer vacation” in the Northern Hemisphere, school starts again next week. Our two month long hiatus in scholarly activities is at an end. We have a 17yrold, a 14yrold, and a 6yrold starting back to school on Tuesday.

So I worked the boys hard yesterday. They own me Monday as a full day of work. Today I did a bit of shopping with them then left them to their own devices. Tomorrow they get to spend the day at the beach. Monday we work, Tuesday they go back into boarding school.

Have been paying a little attention to the Impeachment Process. It is difficult. So much spin going on. So much BS. So much same old, same old Politics.

But I am perplexed, even confused…

I think we can all agree that the Clinton’s ran a pay-to-play business out of high-office. I may get yelled at over this but the record of The Clintons’ (plural possessive) selling of their public office is week documented. Just check the list of Bill’s speaking engagements, and what these paid, while Hillary was in charge. Even Chelsea and their pet rabbit got paid mega-bucks to shake hands and take pictures.

So, explain to me why we are not easily convinced that VP Joe Biden peddled influence as well.

Biden has been peddling influence for over 40 years.

I’m not sure what the current discussion is about.

And the beat goez on

More later


  1. I always found it curious to watch and think about US politics when living overseas.

    And talk about curious … the Dozza is 14? YIKES! Give him and Angelo my very best.


    • As an expatriated American, you often are called upon to comment, either support or deride, the actions taken by your country. Removed from your comfort zone, you can be called on to either hear the opinions of the international peanut gallery, or assist in setting the record straight. Such requires a decent grasp on the facts.


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