Posted by: nativeiowan | January 5, 2020

2020 V1.5 thinking about Iran

It’s a bit hot outside. The summer sun is blistering hot. There is a patch of plastic lawn by the pool. What I call “astro-turf”. This stuff is rubber and plastic, and gets very hot. Anyone who forgets and walks onto it may well do the tippy-toe quick-step to cross, get off the hot green rubber.

So I’m sitting inside. Our house is designed for the weather… The eaves have over 3feet of overhang, 1 meter worth of shade. We have heavy block-out curtains to keep radiant heat away. The house is very open. Plenty of fresh air. It’s pleasant inside, if we keep the heat out.

So I’m sitting inside. Paying attention to the newz-cycle. And of course the newz of the hour/day/ probably week is that of Iran.

Everyone knows the whats and hows of the current cycle so I’ll say little therein.

I do though want to discuss this:

Why do the Iranians hate Americans, hate the USA?

I believe it started, really started in the 50s, when the USA/CIA and Brits/MI6 orchestrated a coup to over throw the democratically elected PM, Mosaddegh.

Historically Iran had been a Shah-dom, a mini empire controlled by the Qajar family from late 1700s well into the 1900s.

Just found this which I find very cool:

The military coup that ended the Qajar Dynasty, and brought in Pahlavi, simply brought on more of the same dictator-type bullshit.

After WWII, the world was a different place.

As many lands and many peoples realised an opportunity for change. An opportunity for more self determination. As many countries shook off their Colonial yokes, Mosaddegh came on the scene. And he appears to have kicked the beehive real hard.

Mosaddegh supported the nationalisation of the British controlled Iranian Oil Fields.

Since before WWI all oil in Iran was in the sole control of the Anglo Persian Oil Company.

A percentage of all profits from Anglo Persian came back to Iran but I doubt if the average Joe in 1950 got much from it.

From what I read I feel there was a sense of joy around Mosaddegh and his policies. The common Joe at the time could feel inspired by some thing new and different. A new possibility?

But, nooooooo… the Brits talked the Yanks into deposing Mosaddegh. Where we end up with the last Shah, Pahlavi, being firmly ensconced on the Peacock Thrown.

Supported heavily by the US and Britain, Pahlavi had a huge military. He ruled with a firm fist that was known for it’s brutalities. Check out the SAVAKs.

So, after feeling screwed over the oil deal with Anglo Persian (Later to become British Petroleum), and after democratically electing someone who may have offered hope for change, and after feeling joyful… the USA comes in and takes him out and puts nasty Pahlavi back in power… Where he sat until he was overthrown by civil revolt, and the Islamic State of Iran was born.

So, after a few hundred if not thousands of years of subjugation and slavery,… And after a couple big wars, there may, just may be a chance for positive change. But it was refused by the USofA.

Maybe we can see things from their perspective… just a little bit.

More later

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