Posted by: nativeiowan | January 4, 2020

2020 V1.4.sundaycomingdown

6pm Sunday eve. Sun will set shortly. The shadows have come and the heat is gone. The air is almost chilly.

The wind chimes sing their gentle song. The birds are quiet, Kuma lounges near by…

In a conversation today about the recent military strikes in Iraq.

My ol-bud, DB, is a sharp witted, erudite, eclectic vagabond who has worked in 20plus countries over the last 40 years or so. He is an “Eastern-Europe” specialist and claims his Russian is “pretty good”. I met him in the 80s in the Solomons.

Funny how easy it is to meet larger-than-life folks “in de islands”.

So the assassination of an Iranian Terrorist/General in Iraq, as the US dumps millions into Iraq to help stabilise things… Lets just do this again… an Iranian Terrorist/ General in Iraq… Was he visiting his mother… buying an ice cream… I fucking doubt it!

I know some folks are prone to take the paranoid approach…

Oh no! They killed a real bad guy without permission, we’re all going lose, now, war and pestilence upon us… Oh no!!!!

Or the belligerent approach…

GawDamnSumaBitch deserved what he go. GawDamn about time!

I can see both takes. War is never good. Getting fucked in the arse is never good. Which do we prepare for? Or prefer?

As an “Islander” I am sympathetic with all indigenous peoples. Make no mistake about it, the Iranians and Iraqis and the folks living in what has been traditionally called Persia, have been very hard done by. For centuries. The cradle of civilisation has been barbaric and uncivilised since day one.

Consider that the Ottoman Empire ruled from India to Egypt for over 500 years. The Ottomans were known for many positive “things” such as masterful architecture and development in the sciences. They were also known for terrible brutalities and atrocities.

Recall, we are talking about the Iranian / Iraqi situation. Everyone wants to think the Persian people were a people who have had their home, land, wealth usurped and in some strange way the “Modern West” owes some form of recompense…

Back to my discussion with DB… The first oil extraction in “Persia” or as I call it, the Middle East started in 1908. One man by the name of D’Arcy started it all. He got the Iranian Government of that day, still a Shah style dynasty, and a subject of the Ottomans, to contract him to be the sole authority over Iran’s oil. It was known as the Anglo Persian Oil Company. And controlled all the oil in all of Iran.

Anglo Persian later became British Petroleum.

Post WWI saw the Ottoman Empire turned into spoils of war. By 1927 the Pahlavi military style Shah-ism was the new norm. Pahlavi was as much a dictator as he was a Shah. Probably more. His military might came through Modern West backing.

Consider that pre-WWI the Middle East was controlled by the Ottomans. The Modern West visited and coveted the lands of Persia, but did not control anything in the Middle East.

After WWI they were the masters of the Middle East, and its people, who had seen many masters.

I’m trying to figure out who to “side-with” in this discussion…

Who are the indigenous peoples? Who has been “hard-done-by” and when were they hard-done-by?

I suggest the original nomadic dessert peoples known as Persians have been as conquered and subjected and abused and diluted and assimilated and beaten to the point where none truly exist.

Like a Rapa Nui Islander. In 2020 those who proudly claim Rapa Nui lineage are also proudly claiming the blood of every nation on the globe.

So, where are we… Who has been down-trodden, who is good, who is evil?




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