Posted by: nativeiowan | January 1, 2020

2020 V1.1

The birds are noisy this morn. Do they know its a new year?

The sky is blue with loads of clouds. The young family is still asleep. They went out for fire works last night and didn’t get home until 1am. I stayed home and was well asleep before midnight.

yes, my name is Mike, and I’m an olfart.

I shall clean up my file full of draft-posts. Go back through the year and see what I didn’t post or complete or see through to the end… Well in fact, as I go back, I see I don’t have much unfinished. I have a habit of writing titles and saving them, aiming to go back and remember what I was thinking then.

It don’t really work. here’s one worthy of saving…

From May 2019… It’s Monday. Rain and overcast here. A nice break from the warmth and sunshine for a bit, but it’s a Moody Monday. Queensland never complains about rain. unless it’s too much rain. For a land that lives in perpetual drought it rains too much, more often than not.

I really like Queensland. Morosa Valley is a haven. Rain or shine, the area here in Aus whee I reside is fucking great. And its great for many reasons including but not limted to: The weather, the people, the coast, the hinterland, the pubs and hotels and cafes, the windy alpine style roads which are great to drive and ride…. but mostly the weather.

So I’m hanging at the farm by my lonesome. Me and the she-white-dawg. And 30 mamma cows and 16 babies and 25 teenagers and big arsed Bull named Barney.

I like being a farmer. The quiet solitude of it all is grand. But it’s never really quiet. The big ol house is open to the noise and the weather. It’s either hot in summer or cold in winter. No aircon or heat. I wake with the birds and listen to the outdoors though the night. If it’s not cows singing it’s plovers squawking. A major roadway is nearby and the roar of the road is a pleasant buzz in the background.

Did I say that I really, really like Queensland?

Of course, I’m a tropical sorta guy, an island guy. Too much of my life has been spent living within the influence of the sea. I think of Gizo… if you cant hear the sea from our house, you can feel the low vibration of the surge on the reef on the weather side. The air is filled with a saline mist, a caustic reminder of our mother-ocean that settles on everything.

But I am also a flat-lander. A farm-kid.

Like many an old mariner, like many an old pirate, I have found my retiring years’ happiness inland. Perhaps the Britney-blue is too much work? Too harsh? Too dangerous. Mother-Ocean demands a young, vigorous lover. As I gain in years, I find the slow pace of a landlubber to suit my needs nicely…

I use my “Freddy Mercury” impersonation to call them, to engage them. This herd is as tame as I have every seen. They are of a breed that has used Brahman cattle to gain drought resistance. the Breed, Drought Masters, were developed here in Queensland to suit conditions here. A mix of short-horn-browns and Brahmin. Over the years they have proven they are true Queenslanders. Can you say “Animal Husbandry”?

For those who don’t know about cattle: There are two basic blood lines, Boss Indicus and Boss Torus. Boss Torus are what I’ll refer to as “European” strains, and Boss Indicus refer to the African/ Asian strains. Boss Torus breeds include Angus, Hereford, Jersey, and are not known for their docile temperaments. Boss Indicus include your Brahmin and Zebu strains, known for their large humps, they are renowned for their placid nature.

So, I think my herd is pretty cool.

Here’s a good picture of Barney… You can see his Indicus heritage. He weights a full ton, we can pretty much walk up and hand feed him. Post script: Last year we retired Barney. He was getting a bit old, his feet were a constant problem. So we sold him at the local stock sales. Barney was undoubtedly turned into a pile of hamburger. We replaced Barney with a 3yrold virgin we named Hank. young and lean, Hank is now king of the Morosa herd.

Here’s one where Mendozza and I got to watch the miracle of life… The calf here is new born. When I took their picture, the lilbastard had not taken its first steps. This mamma is so calm she let us stay close through the whole process, sharing with us her miracle.

Sometimes the miracle of life goes sideways. We lost a cow n calf to calving difficulties last year. We had one calf born that simply could not figure out how to suckle, it lasted 5 days, even thought we did everything in our power to help the poor bugger. We recently had another calf struggle to figger the teat out, but our efforts to pen mama up and tie one leg away and push the lilbastard in to feed, worked.

Did I say I like this farmer bullshit?

2020… an election year. Of course, Mr Trump has to go. By any means possible. Don’t matter how its done, but he simply has to go.

The economy is too good. We can’t have the system of social engineering and elite dominance over the working masses derailed by allowing the average man’s lives to get too good.

We can’t have the reigns of power usurped by such a vile creature. After years, decades, centuries and behind the veil, deep state control and slight of hand… After all the hard work and bullshit being sold as sugar, we can’t have a vendor show up and sell bone fide goods for a fair price. Unheard of! Impossible!

And what about Epstein? Oh, I forgot, we’re too interested in plastic straws and paper cups to worry about an international pedophile ring of Ultimate Elites.

The end of the world as we know it? Sure as shit looks like it if you live in California…

Sure looks post-apocalyptic to me.

And the beat goes on.

Think I’ll go hop in the pool.

Big smiles, all the best in the new year, and …

More later

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