Posted by: nativeiowan | December 31, 2019

2019 v12.last edition

It’s 230pm local time on the 31st December, 2019. In less than 10 hours we will be in 2020, a new year, and a new decade. 

I recall being in a small 4-room catholic primary school in Knoxville, Iowa. 4-room meaning we had 8 grades, 1-8, with 4 class rooms and 4 teachers. At one point there we five of us Hemmers in the school. I the youngest, my sister Constance the eldest and Jim, Jane, and Holly in there between us. 

I must have been quite young, early in my educational career. I recall a teacher, a nun, a Sister of the Notre Dam. Proper “penguins”. I clearly recall Sister Mary Richardene, and Sister Mary Karla. I remember really liking Sister Richardene, and fucking hating Sister Karla. I think the feeling between the young Mike, and Sister Karla were mutual.

Who in my family know the names of the other two penguins? They looked just like this…

But I digress…

I recall a classroom discussion. Where will we be in the year 2000? 

Consider, this was probably 1963 or there abouts. I am uncertain because I spent 2 years in First Grade. I liked Sister Richardene too much to leave. And, my dyslexia prevented me from reading well enough to suit the “authorities”. So, to be clear, it had to be 63 or 64. Maybe 65 because it could have been 2nd grade. 

Back to the main point of it all…

I have clear memories of trying to wrap my very young brain around “The Next Century”. Words like millennium were not used then.

All was so far off, so distant and far, far away. 

Not so any more. 

We are one-fifth the way into the 2000s. 

Amazing how time flies when you are having soooo, sooo, soo much fun!

And this year has been fun…

What do you call fun may or may not be what I call fun…

Getting inked by the magnificent and amazing Ifyrefini. Her and tehunga Turumakina are people I am indeed proud to call family…

Genius Jim kicking the 57 Indian over for the first time….

Gracie and next-door-neighbour, Anne, having a glass of wine in the softy QLD sunshine…

Fun, fun, fun… Me about 12 hours after my shoulder surgery…

The Amazing Ms Maya and Gracie. Easter Island was amazing…

Encounter to somewhere. Thank goodness for a nice shawl…

As the year ends, the new year approaches, and I sit here and muse, I need to say thanks and pay respect to a host of friend, relatives, in laws and outlaws… As the parrots swarm through the back yard, making a ruckus, as my big dawg, Kuma, reclines near by, as Nova and GG watch cartoons in the verandah… As the wind-chime tinkles n sings, I need to mention some names. People I am thinking about as this terrestrial year comes to an end…

Top of the list is my Sister,Jane, and her husband, Mike, who have chosen to share their retirement with my ageing mother. I have no doubt that their selflessness shall be repaid many-fold.  

With them is Brother Monk. They are a good team and Mother could not get better care anywhere.

In fact I should name the entire 412 2nd street cast of characters… Katie n Brian and kids. It’s so cool that the 412 rez has been Jane & Mike’s principle party-pad since, what… 1970? I dig the fact that we’re still enjoying that huge ol Skool 1890s river-town-house. It’s soooo cooool and such an honour to be able to be around your profound generosity.

Of course my dyslexic family is always high on the list.

Consider: I now have grown grand kids. We have a shit load of teenagers in the tribe and a whole-bunch of lil ones. Surprise-surprise, the tribe continues to grow.

My Brother The Rooster and his growing family in Germany.

Always… My big bro WE and his sweet-lady MsE. And of course lil mother, Talia and your new bundle of joy, grief, sleeplessness and life. I remember some Talia tales from when she was very small. A white lilbaby running on the beaches of Liapari… blond hair, blue eyes… send me a picture of your gandbaby.

Pat.P. How you doing? This getting old-shit kinda sucks, eh? I do indeed trust you’ll weather the storm… like a late night crossing to Vanga and using the light from my Casio watch to fix the engine. Or tying boat-warm stubbies of 4X onto fishing lines and towing them deep to make them drinkable.

Speaking of Pat.P… I am thinking of a re-connection I had recently. It was grand to see Salome and Nick Reese. Been a long, long time. I consider Salome as “one of my daughters” in that I’ve known her since the mid 80s, a thin blond haired high strung and magnificent Makini-gal. So nice to reconnect and spend time with your growing family. Need to do it again soon.

My soft hearted buddy, Big G. And his great kids.

Giuseppe, the master of Animal Husbandry. It is a pleasure to share time and space with you.

Speaking of animal husbandry… I have been toying lately with a thought… According to many from the loony-left of thought and politics… We should all, ALL, stop eating meat, it’s unkind, not healthy, barbaric, old fashioned, and is indeed in threat of being regulated and legislated out of existence.

Now, consider that it took mankind a fucking long time to master the art of Animal Husbandry. It took mankind a fucking long time to figure out how to care for and make a herd of animals productive. It is an art form. I am a farmer. I own a nice little farm and have around 70 head of cattle. It is a constant process of maintaining the health and happiness of the herd. It’s magical and amazing.

But if we legislate and regulate the eating of meat into history, so shall we loose the art of Animal Husbandry. Which would be a sad thing.

My lil valley paradise, Marosa,

And the beat goez on. I cant and didn’t mention all n everyone.

Such it is.

See you in 2020

Big smiles


  1. Great post, bro. I’ll get you some pix of the grandkid. Regarding the meat eating, see my post below.

    And how come Ify and Gracie are so much better looking than you?

    Hugs all around, best to Tu and Ify,


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