Posted by: nativeiowan | October 23, 2019

2019 v10.HotnSourSoup, and the meaning of life

I speak to those of my faithful followers who recall the Sea King restaurant in Honiara. Of course the Sea King has a couple different incarnations over more than 3 decades. Down by the Yacht Club, briefly across Mendana Ave, The big garish place by the Mataniko Bridge.

But no matter which Sea King you remember, you will remember the hot n sour soup. Nothing compares to it. It never changed. I had an image of a steaming cauldron of H&S soup ever cooking in the back.

I have found a place that replicates my memory of the H&S soup very well…

Gracie and I found this place by accident earlier this year. Today I woke up and rode my BMW R1200RT over 500ks, for over 5 hours for this… and its worth it.

And the girls here as killer…

If you’re ever any where near Coffs Harbour, do your self a favour.


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