Posted by: nativeiowan | October 19, 2019

2019 v10.19th

OK, been a while. A lot of note taking place. A lot to think about, ruminate upon, and even – yes, for you 60s n 70s folks- to Grok.

Impeachment with out due process.

The Deep State is now revealed as a “positive”… They are patriots. “They Know Best”.

The selling of political influence is commonly sanctioned. It’s just part of doing business. We’re too busy to worry about it.

Early summer in southern hemisphere = GLOBAL WARMING!!! Early winter in northern hemisphere = GLOBAL WARMING!!!

The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting…

Open boarders, Come one, come all… free stuff for new comers, medical, abortions, sex changes… we’re open for business.

I see at least three standards/ levels of compliance: 1) Elites, 2) Protected minorities, 3) the Average Joe.

You be Elite and you are all but exempt from the laws.

You be any way, bit, form, or part a Protected Minority and we’ll throw the rules and reg and laws out the window. Cross the boarder. Claim state-sponsored subsistence… VOTE FOR US.

I’m kinda disgusted. Kinda tired. And do not see the attraction is a nonfactual, politically motivated future. There is a lot of BULLSHIT floating about…

Are we so degraded mentally and spiritually to NOT wish to maintain some semblance of control on our own future? Our own destiny?

But what worry… we’ll all be dust in 12 years… or is it 10, now?

Only print or discuss the “NEWS” that suits THE agenda. Don’t talk about the positives. There are none. Dig up the dirt, then accuse them of being dirt-diggers…

Mike’s thoughts in as few words as possible: Wars are bad, but often necessary. Boarders are good and very necessary. Citizenship and Nationality is something to be valued. Not degraded. All people elected to any political office is unworthy of the office. All elected entities are only concerned with their next re-election to office. Without the masses there can be no leaders.

How well can you say “MOOOO”?

We have rain here in Queensland. Not everywhere and never enough, and often too much. I live in a land of contrasts. I live in a world of contrasts.

And the beat goez on…

Morel later

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