Posted by: nativeiowan | October 12, 2019

2019 v10.rainySaturday

It’s a rainy Saturday here in Queensland.

The rain is very good, very needed. We’ve been in drought since July. Only had one decent rain in the over 3 months. And we’re the lucky ones. There are areas of Aus that live in perpetual drought. Australia is a desert.

So I am sitting in my comfy recliner, wrapped in a granny-blanket, watching the bluez, listening to the latest goings-on and misdirections and prestidigitation.

The apologetic, self proclaimed victims that make up the DNC candidates makes me wonder what has happened. Where did it all go sideways?

I was planning to deliver my last two “rebuilds” to my buddy, Genius Jim at Blacktop Moto works…

I am an non-repentant Brit-Bike ol fart. Over the past 10 years I have collected and rebuilt (or am rebuilding) eight machines. These are the last two to go into Jim…

But the weather has delayed me. I don’t want to risk these machines, A stunning 51 TR6/ 650 and a very rare XR75 Hurricane. Both not easy to replace so I’ll hold off.

Jim recently got my 57 Royal Indian running…

Here’s a very cool 62 Norton Dominator… a machine that made us all wet our pants when we were young… known as the Snortn Norton… it was a beast… still is a beast…

Where was I… on this rainy Saturday… Oh yea, watching the bluez… and being nostalgic…

I was a young liberal, a DNC door knocker, vehemently anti-republican. Pro- Civil rights, pro-abortion, pro-legalisation of pot, anti-the tax man, anti-conscription… probably anti about more things than I was pro.

When did this all change? For the DNC and for me.

For me I went from being vehemently anti-republican to being vehemently anti-political. I have interacted with and played in political sand-boxes. I have been altruistic. I have spent a lot of time and energy looking for the political Mr. Right (Ms Right?). All ways open and optimistic that such was a reality.

I have irrevocably changed.

The DNC may not have changed all that much. Perhaps I have learned to see through the slight of hand. Have learned to identify the BS within the rhetoric?

I do think that I agreed with the DNC for ages… I read the liberal publications, agreed with the liberal view points and watched and listened as the liberal leaders used and abused their privilege and position. Just like I had accused the conservatives.

Since WWII… Since the beginning of the current economic era, since the end of FDR and The New Deal, we have had 13 duly elected presidents. The Donald is lucky #13. Prior to The Donald we have had 6 DNC and 6 RNC leaders.

I am a child of the 60s and the 70s. I was “there” in the heady days of green-army coats festooned with peace patches and McGovern badges. We made posters that said “make love not war”. We sang “we shall come” and “blowing in the wind” as we stood and marched in front of heavily armed police and National Guard. I remember when Kent State became infamous.

The song we marched to told us, “Tin soldiers and Nixon coming… four dead in Ohio”…

I knew many returned from Nam guys. Some are still alive. Many had returned broken and terminally sad and sickened by life. Many died by choice. Many were simply reckless with their life and died accordingly: Accidents, mishaps or tragedies. Tragedies they were all.

I had marched for, sang for, protested for change. For an end to wars and racism and political lying and… well, I guess we all were looking for something unattainable.

And the beat goez on…

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