Posted by: nativeiowan | October 10, 2019

2019 v10.BedSideManner

Its a nice overcast Thursday here in Qland. Up and running early. A fair bit to get done. Weather is perfect for 2wheelz.

2wheelz is guuuud.

I am going to write about two dear friends, and my most recent ink-addition…

By ol amigo, Vas Eliopolous, now Dr. Eliopolous, used to make us laugh with stories of med-school, training and mishaps. One of the things I recall laughing about was his tales of erroneous bed-side-manner. He told tales of Practitioners misreading patients and saying things that either caused alarm or confusion. Vas was a good mimic and could do the voices and facials well. He was a one-man stand up routine.

A few days ago I showed up at my Ink-Masters’ house for my first session in ages. My last couple attempts at body-art saw me wimping out. Tapping out early due to the pain. This session was to be my recently into the realm of offering myself as a canvas for a master (or mistress) artisan.

Check out

You’ll see Tu and Ify on the front page. And get to see some of their amazing art.

I carry a fair amount of their work. For ten years I’ve been getting whaled on. More by Tu than by Ify… both arms, chest and back, legs and right thigh… belong to Tu. My neck and left leg carries Ify’s work.

So I’m going in to reconnect. To get back into the ink-thing, and to commemorate my affliction with totality. My ol-fart need to chase The Eclipse. To bask in the murky dusk of an absent sun.

Once you catch an eclipse you’ll understand…

I planned my new ink with Ify… sun in left palm, moon in right palm… totality on the back of right hand. Made sense to me and was eager to DO IT.

So I rock up. It’s always great to visit Tu and Ify’s home/ studio. They have great kids, always extra family around, and a positive vibe they share with poise and grace.

So I rock up, give hugs, grab the 3yrold, start catching up, and Ify says, “You know what you’re in for today? It’s really going to hurt. You ready for this?”.

Damn! I said to Ify that I loved her bed side manner.

Sure, we know all ink is less than fun. I equate ink to beating your hand with a hammer… sure feels good when you stop.

And Ify goes on about how bad the hands are to ink. How much it all hurts. She states, “I cringe to think of it.”.

Well damn!

Did I say damn?

So we do the inking. It do hurt like hell. But we chat and gossip and a few hours later its done and I am happy.

Whaddya think…



I tip my hat to the Ink-Mistress. And thank both Tu and Ify for sharing their vibe.

Big smilez

More later

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