Posted by: nativeiowan | August 28, 2019

1029 v9.1

It’s one of those productive/ nonproductive days. I guess being productive isn’t high on my priority list today. I’m still healing from shielder surgery. Three-weeks post-op. And I think I’m doing well. Too much activity and I do get tired. I’m still sleeping a lot. And, for an old fart, feeling very well…

Well enough to start initialising a new suite of hardware/ software I recently bought. It’s always a chore. Swapping over/ upgrading to new gear. And I am such a dinosaur that I’ve gone more than a decade without new software. My laptop is over 6 years old. My old standby software programmes are woefully last-generation. Lots of glitches and slowness and hassles. I can’t upgrade my computer’s OS much l because the upgrade will leave my antiquated software behind. And you can’t just buy an upgrade of all software. Not unless you have kept up to date consistently over the last dozen or so reiterations of said software.

I think of a good buddy of mine, my main computer-guru-go-to-guy… he has resisted upgrading for much longer than I. He has kept his museum-ready 17″macbook alive for more than a decade. He runs software that I lost use of years ago. I am sooo impressed he’s managed it this long. But one day, and I wish him many more years maintaining his current platform, he, like me, will be spending a few days getting everything you need transferred, translated and working.

So I bit the bullet and am doing a 100% upgrade. It’s not for the feint of heart. I spent the money required for all new software. I’m looking forward to getting it all cranking. But I do anticipate a rocky run…

Logging on here to WordPress took a bit of time. I’m not migrating my old hard drive over to this one. It is possible to simply do a “dump”, but I’ll do it the slow and tedious way. I need to cleanup and sort out all my passwords, subscriptions and leases. One of the nice things about everything new is I get to do a lot of housekeeping.  Looking forward to it. And I do have time… Thats the good NewZ…

Whats the news? What the BlueZ?

So much horseshit out there. There is so much I simply don’t get… the name calling… the illogical accusations… you’re terrible because of what you do, but when I do the same it’s ok… Your attitude has provoked my to violence, so its all your fault…

Got a question I been mulling over:

It would appear to be a Democratic “thing” to scream and holler doom and gloom because of climate change and especially sea level rise. I have been involved in many passionate discussions on this topic. I have been abused and maligned because of my opinion(s). I am well informed OFTEN IN CAPS that the glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising at an alarming rate. Prepare for all coastal regions, island nations, to be underwater in 10 to 20 years.

So my question… which is very well discussed here…

Has Obama changed his mind, lost his mind, or was it all BS, all along?

And the beat goes on

More later


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