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2019 v9.self fulfilling prophecy

I’m listening to a highly educated man discourse about the “problems with race” in the US. This gentleman is a University Professor. A Teacher. His speciality is “African American Studies”. He is not a white guy

I think he is peddling racism for as profit.

He discusses articulately how he see things. The current situation in the USofA. He has many examples of inherent racism. Many examples of overt racism. He is telling me, that through my status at birth, my privileged education (that I worked and paid for), that – wait for it – I am unknowingly, unwittingly racist…. AND… I need help. I need education. I need to be regulated in order to be  a better, non-racist humanbean. Maybe even a reeducation camp…

What a load of horse shit!

To reiterate, from my perspective I am being told that I am : *Unwittingly I am racist and live my life by racist rules and standards. *I need to be regulated in order to alleviate my nasty, unsocial and unforgivable behaviour.

I say it again… What a load of horseshit!

Year ago I worked as government education officer in Solomon Islands. My job entailed working in a non-formal/ adult education environment. Developing programmes, and curriculum to suit the non-formal educational needs at that time. Our topics covered the spectrum. We established programmes for numerous target groups: Parents of school age children. Women. Community leaders. Business owners and wanna bes. Our topics covered: Sanitation, water, population education, family planning, early childhood development, community organisation, and more.

I really enjoyed that job. It was dynamic. I think we did a great job. We’d plan tours and workshops and seminars. Spend long periods of time “touring” the rural villages/ areas.

I’d get numerous government departments involved. I’d chase funding and sort the logistics out. I twisted arms and set up programmes, sort out venues way rural, if not remote. Take the work we were doing to the village level dwellers.

I’d invite elected leaders and shame them into attending what turned out to be “town hall” type meetings.

And have a great time.

One situation pertinent to my topic involved some branch of the UN, I am thinking it was Save The Children… They were carrying out a “malnutrition assessment”

I was tasked with taking two well paid, well dressed and reasonably friendly “officials” on a “tour”. My original plan covered Auki to Are Are (both east and west) by canoe. Auki to Weather Coast, Malaita by road. Weather Coast Gcanal by canoe. Choiseul North Coast (my home) by canoe. And Makira east and west as far as we could drive.

Inevitably we spent about a week in Honiara meeting with Ministry  types.  Staying in an expensive hotel, eating in good restaurants each night we supposedly gathered data from the dusty offices in the Big Mango. We flew to Auki for a single night. Met with government types. Had a good meal at the old Dragon bar n grill. Flew back the next day for a few more days in Honiara. We eventually flew to Gizo where we did some diving, met with govt types and stayed at the ol Gizo Hotel. We did though, while in Gizo, do a trip by canoe to Vella. Namely to the PSS there. It was the farthest off-the-grid we traveled.

So, recapping: Two highly paid and well dressed UN officials came to assess the level/ status of malnutrition in Solomon Islands. We spent a couple weeks in meetings while staying in hotels and eating good meals, all the while collecting a decent per diem.

And guess what? They found malnutrition. They found a lot of it.

Golly, gotta luv the www… Look what I found:                                                                   Abstract                                                                                                                                                PIP:                                                                                                                                                   Cross-sectional anthropometric studies conducted in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands indicate that over half the children become malnourished before the age of 2 years, regardless of the nutritional indicator (weight for age, weight for height, height for age) used. In comparison to reference children, weight gain slows from the age of 6 months and mean weight is static from 9-17 months. Stunting is more important than wasting. Dietary research suggests that the principle cause of this malnutrition is the low energy and protein content of an infrequently administered, bulky diet based on the staple sweet potato. The coincidental onset of growth failure and dependence on weaning foods tends to confirm a primary nutritional etiology. The 2nd year of life, when growth failure was most prominent, was also the period in which energy and protein gaps in the diet were most pronounced. The inability to satisfy dietary needs is concluded to be related to inadequate total food intake resulting from infrequent feeding of a diet overdependent on a bulky starch staple and is exacerbated by nutrient restriction during illness and a high incidence of gastrointestinal infection. An intervention program designed to respond to this situation involves a trained nurse spending 2 weeks in all major villages to demonstrate the importance of a hygienically prepared, frequently fed, miltimix weaning diet based on local foods.

So the guys that were highly paid to find malnutrition found malnutrition. Amazing! What a greta job they did.

Just as the dude highly paid to find racism, to teach racism, to sell racism… he too is successful. He sets out to find what he’s paid to find.

Last thought: When I was a “classroom” teacher I learned/ was taught to reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour as much as possible. Same with the numerous kids I have raised. It’s hard and may not sell as well and anger and aggression but it is much more effective.

Dunno, may be just the way I see things… as a racist and  privileged stereo-typical ol white dude…

My favourite family picture, tho it is old… IMG_0760

Angelo and Abraham and Andrew were little. Abraham is 20 now and Andrew and Angelo 17. At least 10 multiracial grandkids born to me and my family since then. I’m the old racist white guy in the middle with the farmer’s tan.

The Beat Goez On…


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