Posted by: nativeiowan | July 31, 2019

2019 v7.PoliticalMania11

I am agitated. I am paying attention to US-Politics, listening to the DNC dog-n-pony show they call a debate. It is a variety show. A reality show. It is as important as “American Chopper”. And less entertaining.

There is so much to say about it all: How its nothing but the commercialising of the political “scene”. It’s more about “ratings” than any single thing of substance. That the “candidates” are all puppets. Marionettes. Unpolished actors. All wannabe, gonnabe gods. All are hypocrites.

Call me harsh.

One thing does make me happy: I see the Electorate becoming more astute. I believe that the current confusion in the Political Venue is a symptom of the Electorate becoming more aware. The Electorate has been in a decided malaise for some 50-odd years. Perhaps the world is too distracting or too much fun, for folks to be interested in the Political Venue.

I believe that the election of DJTrump to the Highest Office In The Land is a direct effect of the Electorate’s Awakening.

I hear you scoff. Make no doubt, I am no fan of DJTrump, or any other modern day politician. I believe all are cogs in the corrupt and biased system. Any individual who seeks Office has no hope of NOT being drafted into the corruption and misuse and abuse. Abuse of the System by the Elite.

The last election cycle was very much suppose to be a continuance of Control of the System by the anointed ELITE. Clinton represented the ELITE. The entrenched ELITE practices and prestidigitation that has kept the Masses entertained for decades.

But the Electorate saw through the Kings New Clothes. The entrenched ELITE was rejected. Both DNC and RNC.

And we got DJTrump.

I am so pleased that the ELECTORATE became aware. The great and powerful OZ, is not.

Campaign Promises are nothing more than bate to the schooling fish who are the Electorate. Chum the water in the right way and you attract the right fish, the targeted vote… Promises of citizenship for all illegal aliens is a powerful elixir. Free medical. Wow! Forgive student debt; if you never took a strident loan, this would not attract you. If you’ve (like me) paid your student debt, I doubt you’ll support. BUT! There are a whole bunch of people within a wide selection of ages whom is attracted. Reparations. I wonder if they do forgive student debt, can I claim reparations for the debt I paid off? Gun reform. Abortion. Education. Climate. Foreign Affairs. So much of import.

I listen to the rhetoric: Could be… If we… I think… Definitely maybe…

A Hundred Years Ago: The average person managed much less information. They were less informed/ exposed. But they were not less intelligent. Their understanding of their world was very astute. When I read a news paper from 1919, I note a vocabulary not seen in the modern press. I feel more intelligent when I read old papers.

I believe there has been a “dumbing-down” of the population. The dumbing-down of the Electorate.

And this is coming to an end, or so me thinks.

And this makes me happy.


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