Posted by: nativeiowan | July 20, 2019

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I met a most extraordinary human this past week. The sorta person that is a living role model to all, and a hero in the making.

But first, I need to decompress a bit. I’m just back from a few hours of driving. Went to watch Mendoza play rugby. It was an interesting trip…

On the road by 10am for a 12noon game. The location is “the-other-side-of-Brisbane”, so we need to either drive through or under the city. Under is my preference.

Brisbane has a very usable system of tunnels. A few weeks back the GPS took us around the tunnels (tolls- switch was on) and it was a major drama. So today I successfully evaded the GPS desires, made the tunnels without drama, then hit a very big delay. A truck had overturned at a major intersection. It cost us an extra half hour to navigate the matter. Lots of impatient drivers.

So we arrive at the venue, almost on Time. There are no less than six playing fields, all busy. Grace runs to the pit-stop and I survey the fields looking for M. It’s hard to determine where he is with teams playing and teams warming up and at rest. As I look he walks up behind me.

His game had started early and he’d been tacked and cracked a rib within the first few minutes. He has ice on his ribs and is moving slow. He was going to catch the next available bus back to school. We had brought a couple bigmacs and fries and drinks for him, he’s always hungry, which indeed makes the trip worthwhile. And such it ends, without seeing him play, we headed back home.

So Saturday’s traffic was OK, for a Saturday. We got home about 2pm. It’s sunny and warm but will chill-off quickly as the sun sets. Within an hour and a half it’ll be winter again.

I decided to get my buggered shoulder repaired. I am told (and shown) that the ball and socket joint of my shoulder is running bone on bone. Of course I know this. I can feel the grinding when I move my shoulder. It has been sore and getting worse for a few years. I’ve decided to get it sorted. I’m tired of being half-disabled. I miss being strong.

Australia has a very usable socialised medical system. Doctors are good, facilities are good, medical support and research is great. Wait times are minimal. Availability of specialty services is extreme. Any new radical process – or old well know process, is readily available.

The system is even easier for me because I pay-to-use. All medical service here falls under some form of a government sponsorship. Not for me. I dont get any benefits. I am not a citizen nor am I a permanent resident. I was allowed to retire here noting well I could expect zero benefits from the CommonWealth.

I have no problems with this. The services are great, and because I pay-to-use, I dont have to hassle with insurance or government entitlements.

It is in this search to have my buggered shoulder repaired that I found Dr. Bernard Tamba-Lebbie.

Amazing tale. A very positive, pleasant person. He’d had Peace Corps Volunteers teachers when he was young. I assumed such and mentioned my PCV past. We are good buddies now.

It all happened so fast…

After deciding to seek treatment, going to a GP for directions, within two weeks I have a specialist I feel good about, and a date to be knocked out and cut open. A complete shoulder replacement.

I’m going to ask for the ball part of the bone they’ll need to cut off. I’ll use it as a shift-nob for the Shelby…



  1. Best of luck with the operation, bro’, and hugs to the family. Talia had a healthy baby girl, all is good.


    • Congrats on achieving the hapi-granny status in life. Smiles all around you way…

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