Posted by: nativeiowan | July 17, 2019

2019 v7.machin’zRul’z

I was maybe 10 when I became a mechanic. When I learned about Machin’z…

It was end of the summer and coming onto autumn/ winter, when my father put his single-cylinder, BriggsandStratton, lawn mower in the “back-sheds”. He was done with the mower. The summer months were gone, and the ground was cold, and hard, and no more grass would be mowed for many months.

It was called the “back sheds” because it was a large, old stable. It had a number of rooms, and a large open space suitable for over 4 autos. And an attic. An attic that was scary as hell.

There were old “ice-boxes”. The kind the “ice-man” brought big blocks of ice for. Old garden implements and tools. Cabinets with drawers filled with “stuff”. Things from my Grandfather’s “shed”. Cool stuff.

No body spent much time in the “back sheds”.

I was maybe 10 when I became a mechanic. When I learned about Machin’z…

I took a tin-tool-box, full of imperial wrenches, down from a shelf and started taking my father’s working-well lawn mower a part. Over time I took every possible piece that turned, fitted, or otherwise attached to the mower, off, and threw all in a big cardboard box.

I spent much of the autumn in the “back sheds”. No one commented or worried or fussed. After school, after chores, when I was free I was in the “back sheds” tool’n on Dad’s mower. Until it was dark. On weekends. Until it was too cold. I was very pleased with myself.

When Dad’s mower was completely disassembled, I turned my wrenches to an older, not-running  BriggsandStratton, that had been Grandad’s. It had a gearbox and a drive chain. I found both fascinating – as I completely disassembled every thing that could be disassembled… and threw the pieces in the cardboard box.

The cold of Iowa’s winter eventually dictated I spend no time in the “back sheds”.

Until spring came. The snows had melted and the green had come and the grass was growing and Dad decided it was time to go get his lawn mower and make it work and do the first mowing of the year… Dad all ways enjoyed his yard and enjoyed the  mowing. And after a long hard Iowayan winter, the ol-dawg was looking forward to the FirstMow…

Needless to say he was unimpressed when he opened the “back shed” doors and found his mower: A flat bed with no wheels and no handle. The bed was a metalik-green colour. The handle was “over-there”, and the sum-part of the mower in in the big cardboard box. With the sum-total-parts of Grandad’s mower.

Needless to say the ol-dawg was not impressed…

And Machin’Z still rul’z




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