Posted by: nativeiowan | July 16, 2019

2019 v7.politicohangovers

A sunny Tuesday afternoon. Been running for a couple days… Yesterday, ran the boys back to school, spent the night and the morn on the farm. Back at the Palmwoods ranch now.

Just got nailed by something itchy. My right wrist is bumpy with hives. A pollen reaction no doubt. Or is it an allergy to the newz I am watching?

I am trying to count how many decades have past since we were fervently in favour of a death to the US two-party-system. Through the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2k, 2.010k… Damn! Makes me feel old.

I’m watching as the Democrats I knew so well decades ago, change. They are eating themselves. They’re allowing petulant children stand up to, and disrespect petulant elders. I have written about the far-left shift and feel that it, like many fads, will fade away… remember platform shoes?

But I am wondering where the “lessons of age” may be? When I was young(er), I was much more liberal minded, but fiscally uneducated. Now I still possess many of my liberal minded beliefs and concepts, but am fiscally wise-er…

I think all countries must offer decent, positive socialised medical. It’s more difficult to deliver than to discuss. But there exist very good models. I have written about the fact that US spends way, way more per capital for health care that say, Australia. For what the US spends, wastes, squanders… they could well offer positive cover. And world wide… the solution could be found if GREED could be overcome. The amount of “aid” purveyed about is not unappreciable.

Education is 1000% necessary, should be FREE and compulsory to a certain level, maybe highschool. Apprenticeships are a thing of the past and should be reintroduced. Positive performance should (and does to a degree) open fiscal doors. A great young mind can easily be educated no matter what the cost. As well: Educators should be held in the highest esteem and monetarily compensated appropriately.

Boarders should be controlled. It means something to be a CITIZEN of a Nation. Citizenship holds rights and privileges (and responsibilities) and should be respected.

A strong Military/ Constabulary is required. They should be well trained, well equipped and well remunerated.

Of course, the GOP has been morphing in a couple directions for about a decade.

The DNC is struggling, at best.

So what comes from this?

I predict the introduction of a couple new parties, strong parties.

Lets see if I am right… time will tell…


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