Posted by: nativeiowan | June 24, 2019

2019 v6.luv a windy island

Out n about on a fickle Rupa Nuian day. Wind n sunshine and rainbows (yes plural)…

I have said before that this place, the stories here, the history and the myths are all responsible for my Pacific wandering.

It’s great to visit and see first hand and touch and smell and see the “reality” of it all.

Out guide is a Rapa Nuian lady, Mara (I may have her name wrong), who is a strong and proud descendant of the original Polynesians that first peopled this island. It’s a pleasure to hear her historical accounts, and to hear her personal tales…

The mystery of this place isn’t as mysterious as National Geographic would lead us to believe. The age old tale of tribal/ familial cooperation, of resource loss leading to inter-tribal disputes to eventual suffering… a classical riches to rags tale with an island setting.

The isolation of this place is palatable. Coming from the Solomons this is an amazing sea scape for me. I’m used to looking off shore and seeing much, much more…

Gracie though it was kinda chilly…

I thought it was grand…We are sitting front of a huge volcanic crater…

I thought this was cool… have never seen a sign like it…

An amazing but frightening view… nothing beyond these shore for as far as one can perceive. How the originals found this place is pretty amazing…

We never tire of rainbows, do we?

More later

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