Posted by: nativeiowan | April 6, 2019

2019 v3.itbeallfuckedup

I’m sitting indoor, watching a b-grade movie. I love shootemups. Sexy babes dodging bullets. Long, elaborate fights that are choreographed very well.

But it all makes me think of the very recent bluez/newz I’ve heard and watched. The intrigue and espionage and guns and cars and bombs… makes me think of politics…

I’m watching/ listening…

As Solomon Islands has just completed a National Election.

As the major parties here in Australia prepare for National Elections.

As the USofA runs through its never-ending cycles of elections.

Can any one blame me for being in a state of Politico-overload?

Some of the stupidest shit gets said and done at election-time.

Thankfully elections are only, ONLY, every 4 years in the Solos. More frequent in Aus. Infuckingcessant in the USofA.

But some really dumb-ass shit gets said during elections.

What bamboozlz me is the fact that the average bear in the electorate eats this bullshit for breakfast, lunch and supper. It’s been stupid for ages, now it’s getting down right fucking stupid. N

There is plenty of newz, but very little news. Words are spun and respun. Facts as purveyed are not facts but opinions. And opinions are just, JUST fucking opinions… Not NEWS.

Dont matter who it be or where it be. An opinion is nothing but an opinion. It is not fact or law or even fucking important at all. Unless we make it important. Something that is done all the time. Way too often.

The hypocrisy is becoming way too sickening. From Hugs to rapes, to innuendo, to blackface, then white-face, and even loss of face.

I’m thinking of Jussie Smollett.

Now explain to me…

The entire Democratic wann-be mass of would-bes just got up and kowtowed to The Very Reverend Al Sharpton. The Rev lined up all the wouldbe wannbe and hasbeen “candidates” and made them pay homage to him and his pedestal. His pulpit…. Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 6.13.25 pm.png

Now I got no issues with the left going a few steps further left. The pendulum do swing.  But, here is the hypocrisy, Rev Al is racist through and through. He has made his career by being a racist and a race-baiter. I’m just calling it as I see it. And I do believe there is more than enough evidence to conclude that the RevAl an’t a hippy.

What would happen, I ask, if the republican candidate(s) were to share a stage with David Duke?

Why of course there would be outrage. Indignation. Any one wanting to be lePresidente of the USofA can’t share a stage with a self-confessed racist…

Can they?

Here in Aus there is a very timely generous-hearted attitude being shown by the elected politicos. Cash-payments for power costs I belive has been actioned by the current Gov. The costly green policies inflicted on the electorate here over recent years has resulted in very high power bills. So everyone gets $75.00 if you vote for me.

There are continued promises about higher minimum wage (its $17.50ph now), and easier and even paid education, and more medical and bigger n better infrastructure.

One party here has decided that within 12 years the roads will be for electrified cars only. No more dirty fuels on our highways. All new vehicles electric by 2030.

That’s like a damn tunnel with a superfast electrified train from LA to Hawaii. That’s like a bridge from NewYork to Paris.

Some things just don’t make viable sense. Like with the electric cars in Aus… the power required to charge all the new vehicles will be hydrocarbon fueled. So we burn more hydrocarbon to produce more power for e-cars, for a net gain to the hydrocarbon footprint. Nothing is decreased, saved, nor gained. Woulda been better off with out the change.

But the sky is falling. If we do not do something within 12 years the POX shall be upon us.

In the Solomons politicians are still pure… they just get votes be hiring people to vote for them…Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 6.31.51 pm.png

And the beat goez on…

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