Posted by: nativeiowan | April 2, 2019

2019 v4.01

2nd day of the month.

I’m sitting outside. As I type a light drizzle starts. Not sure if I run inside or….

There is so much to discuss. The drizzle is still drizzling but I haven’t moved.

Now I have to move. Shifted into the shed. Soft “oldies” play on the local FM station, the wind is fresh and crisp. The Big-Dog is still outside.

There is so much disagreement, so much divergence of views, so much conflicting of moralities. So much illogical acting, all over, everywhere, no reservations.

But little reconciliation.

It’s OK to disagree, to have divergent views you wish to practice, to lean heavily on your personal morality. But these days the ability to reconcile appears lost.

Interracial marriage is a decent example. It don’t even raise an eye brow any more. Same sex marriage, transgenderism… so many good modern examples.

And all represent reconciliation within our societies/ families/ cultures.

Where has all the reconciliation gone?

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