Posted by: nativeiowan | March 25, 2019

2019 v3.politicalmaniarulz

It’s Monday morning here. Sunday eve in the USofA. I sit and watch the late-day newz programmes as the day outside heats up. Weather here has been hot, hot, humid n hot. Temps have been 30-35c/ 87-95f. The sun has been a scorcher. It has been difficult to get much done outside.

As well, I am in “waiting mode” per some business deals so get to sit and watch and wait. Once I hear that my ever friendly legal advisors are happy I’ll go off and sign a contract. All has to do with developing some land I own here. I’m a small-fry in a deep-sea of land developers.

So I sit in the air-conditioned cool of the house. A granny-afgan wrapped around my shoulders. A cup of fresh, black coffee at hand. Political mania spewing from the TV.

I’m surfing channels watching the end-weekend newz cycle. This Mueller report has been sent to the AG. The “probe” is complete. Or was it an “investigation”? At a cost of <$25,000,000.00. It sure as shit should be an end-all, be-all.

But it won’t be. It can’t be.

Sadly the result, the end report does not match the needs of the LEFT. Our friendly neighborhood liberal left has vested too much into this “result”. And anything less than a call to drawandquarter is insufficient.

As a self-professed Centrist, I do not, cannot sing the praises or “get behind” any single political creature. Trump, Obama, The Bushes, The Clintons, The Kennedys, The Left, The Right… all are flawed. As are The Pelosis, and Schumers, and Grassleys, and Kings, and, Crotezes, and Omars et al. By nature, any and all political venues – in my opinion are corrupted. Very quickly, the fact that a guy like Schumer or Grassley, or A gal like Pelosi can sit as a politically elected official for 40 years or more, is evidence enough of personal interest/ corruption. Once in the primary objective is to stay in. Not to be a wise representative nor legislate effectively. The aim, once in, is to stay in. Period.

Just heard something very stupid… Congressman Ro Khanna (D CA) stated something to the tune of… “we need to stay competitive with CHina in Green technology… China is investing heavily…” !!! WTF? China is building coal-fired power plants at a rate of knots. Quick check…

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.18.12 am.png

The stupidity and ignorance of these people really irks me. Sorry for the tangent.

So the Left is pounding the table, demanding more and bigger and better and more expensive and more invasive and more, well we want a result that we want. This result, this report, this investigation does not suit the narrative so we will cry and complain and demand until we change the facts to suit our needs.

Sound familiar? The facts don’t suit the narrative soe we change the facts. SOP (standard operative procedure) as far as I can see.

Now, allow me to express a bit of confusion in all of this… The investigation was aimed at determining Russian involvement in the 2016 election. The base charge was that Trump/ his political machine colluded with a foreign state to influence the election. The people who fell under the investigative-ax were felled for past sins of omission and foolishness. Flynn and Manafort and Gates and Cohen all got-done for past crimes. Not crimes associated with the 2016 election nor the stated mandate of the investigation.

It’s all a waste. It’s all a magic show. It is all prestidigitization.

More later


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