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2019 v3.You cana tell whenya gettn ol

You cant. Or at least I can’t. I can’t tell when I am getting old. It might be an impairment…

Or, maybe, the title of this should be “more ol fart fun n games”…

It started in earnest on Wednesday morning. The foolishness did. Of course all foolish expeditions have many mothers and many births and conceptions. This one started when I thought Gracie should start riding bikes with me. Now this goes back ages. I’ve bought nice comfy bigarsed bikes and thought Gracie would ride. I was wrong.

Why should Gracie ride? I hear some ask…

Shit! For the same reason we all should ride!

Riding makes you smarter, faster, friendlier, happier and you sleep better after a long day of riding. trial and tribulation is good for your character. Pain and discomfort makes you appreciate your own bed.

Riding is good for you.

All exposed, the fragile form “out-there”,  at high speeds as monster vehicles roar with you along the big bad by-way. When you are on the road on a bike the odds aint in your favour. And I like that a lot.

Whats not to like?

Dancing on the razor’s edge….

So the foolishness included an early morning flight to Sydney. There was a plan… We are going to collect Gracie’s new machine. Fly in, grab the machine, spend the night in the city, then ride north early the next morn.

We got booked-in the hotel by about 1, and by 330pm I had a 2019 Ural ready to ride home… What, I hear you ask, is a 2019 Ural… Well, it’s not a motorcycle, it’s not a trike, it’s a Ural…2019-03-14 13.19.37

Above is Gracie’s 2019 Ural. For fun and laughs have a look at…

Urals have a colourful history. Well worth checking out… Here’s a tale that comes from my old buddy DB : Ural History v.1 – 14 Mar 19

So the reason to buy a Ural was to get Gracie riding. For better or for worse. Everyone in our tribe rides. We take off on breakfast rides regularly… up early, ride a couple of hours through gorgeous country, stop at some funky n fun place, then go back home.

It’s nice. We like bikes. I am prone to long, long rides. Days, even weeks on the road. I do enjoy it.

And I thought it would only be fitting for Grace to start her career as a biker on a decently long 1100km/700mile ride. I kinda jumped in the deep end, again, and found myself, with Gracie, on what I affectionately call “the death march”.

So we fly to Sydney, and have lunch. Sydney is a good place. Lots of choices, food, entertainment, people watching. SYD is a good place.

2019-03-12 12.59.40

After lunch I run around and sort the machine out. We bought it from the guys at Gasoline Motor Co…

Soooo… Up early Tuesday… the adventure begins… Don’t she look sooooo damn delighted?

2019-03-13 05.49.56

We took off -IN THE DARK – in the rain – in the city- . ANY ONE OF THE THREE VARIABLE ADDS DIFFICULTY. Huge difficulty. Thanks goodness for my heads-up display GPS. I got out of the city with only a few reroutes. It as tough.

It was a tough, tough ride… the dark, the city, the rain. We ran about 2.5 hours and took a break. Grace looks happy. I don’t think she understood how dicey it was.2019-03-13 08.10.292019-03-13 08.10.32The Ural is a very good mule, if a slow n sluggish machine.2019-03-13 08.46.09

So from 530am to 130pm we run as far and as fast as we can. The Ural is a wrestling match. The front wheel is always being tweeked by the vibration of the side car. I did not get to relax as I rode. Both hands on the bars applying input constantly. Hit a bump and the steering shoots left. A severely cambered road means full pressure left. My traps are still stiff n sore as if after a long session in the gym.

So by 130 Wednesday we’d had enough. Over half way home and soaking, and I mean soaking wet. My boots were full of water.2019-03-13 13.36.11

It sure is nice to STOP. I say bikes n tattoos and beating your hand with a hammer are all very similar… feels great when you stop.2019-03-13 13.36.12

At one point we both could smell burning rubber. I stopped and inspected the brakes… only to find the heel of my boot had been resting on the exhaust…2019-03-13 15.12.43

Burnt a perfect arch in my heel.2019-03-13 15.12.56

So the steed sorted and stabled for the night in Coffs Harbour. Looks good. Gets heaps of attention.2019-03-13 16.33.55

Grace thinks we need more shots together… I’m not a selfie-dude so tried to get away with this one…2019-03-13 16.34.17 HDR

Dont I look hapi?2019-03-13 16.34.24 HDR2019-03-13 16.34.26 HDR

Once we stopped and got settled I tossed my clothes in the dryer and put my boots out in the sun. Sorted the machine out and got ready to go find a meal.

We wandered around a bit. Grace was a bit unwilling to walk too much. I headed toward a burger place but when we got there its didn’t look too inviting so we wandered down and alley way and walked up as a younger Asian dude was opening his place up for the evening trade. It was a great stroke of luck…

If ever in Coffs, check out the gang at CreAsian…  It’s a friendly, inviting and fun venue with really good food.

I know that many of my faithful readers have experienced the “hot n sour” soup that the old Sea King in Honiara always offered. Remember the spicy sour mess of thick, rich soup? I always had a vsion of big caulron of bubbling hot n sour, never ending, always on, always tasting the same, sooo goood… World wide I have a habit of trying to recreate that memory and I always fail. All hot n sours I have ordered in my travels pale to that which the Sea King family offered.

Not here. it was great. It was memory filled. I will soon do a ride south just to have another serve. CreAsian will become one of my new favourite rides.2019-03-13 17.09.15

As I rode and got soaked my red leather riding gloves stained my hands…2019-03-13 17.11.37

So Thursday morn we get sun, we get warmth, we get dry roads…2019-03-14 08.15.00

Gracie is taking to being a biker-babe well…2019-03-14 08.16.59

And, as Uncle Willis do say… biker-babes are the foxy-est…2019-03-14 09.07.072019-03-14 09.07.082019-03-14 09.07.09 HDR2019-03-14 09.07.13

So we get home. Unpack the mule and relax…2019-03-14 13.19.242019-03-14 13.19.302019-03-14 13.19.37

And life is good… but I’m still beat n recovering from the road… and cant wait for the next long-ride.

More later

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