Posted by: nativeiowan | December 24, 2018

2018 v12.ChristmasEve

Where I live…

Life has been busy of late.

Sitting in Palmwoods on a nice, lazy, busy-day eve. The day has been overcast. I slept late, started my day late, as did all in the house. The past few days has seen us furiously busy. A lot “to-do” heading up to Cmas.

Our house is quiet this year. No lil’ kids. No magical anticipation of childhood. That magic of childhood that makes the magic of Christmas so, so real and tangible. None of that for us this year. All our lil’uns are elsewhere. Ours is a quiet house. No tears or messes or watching out for the dangers a toddler can get into.

Mendoza plugged into his universe, Angelo picking in his electric guitar. Grace being superZai. Paul is usually quiet. Kuma only fusses when he needs you.

Our house is quiet this year.

On Staurday we shall host a combination Cmas/ NYs beast n beeer day.  We recently butchered out at Morosa, so have plenty of good, good beast to turn into grub…

Two yearling heifers. Guestimate weight each foreQtr=40kgs/ 90lbs, and hindQtr=50kgs/110lbs. Drop 10% to be conservative so … Maybe 180kgs/400lbs per beast hanging in the coolroom less 10%… A whole’bunch’a dressed beast…img_1284

We had Jan and Hoppy guide us through the -on’farm-kill’npack- process. It was an honour to work with them. A lot of work done well and efficiently. And a good time had by all.img_1289

Testing out my mini-pit today… Its an ad hoc affair, made with whatz-on-hand materials. A small but effective BbqPit.2018-12-24 13.36.15

Going to cook a bunch Friday/ Saturday so we need to get our systems sorted. I invited people to an ol’fashione carvery so I need my beast to be something of myth and legend. I want my Morosa Beast to be remembered. So preparation in roasting is very important.

we got ribs n roast n brisket to roast. Going to combine my “weber” bbq techniques with some open-pit bbqing. Do some long and slow roasting with a deep-searing on the open fire pit before and after. With lots of thick rich sauce. A lot of effort but with good BEAST THE END-PRODUCT SHALL BE SUBLIME

Burn in the broken old chimney and coals into the pit for constant heat roasting. Thank gawd for alloyfoil to retain heat… 2018-12-24 13.36.10.jpg


Test run for the pit…Doing a mess of bbqribbs today.  Step one is slow-cooking…2018-12-24 16.22.25.jpg

Stage two is open-fire roasting… 2018-12-24 16.28.44It’s a long slow process but the boys thought they turned out goooood…2018-12-24 18.38.24

Mendoza thinks these are the “best rib ever”…2018-12-24 18.19.26

And life is good, here on Christmas eve, where we are…


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