Posted by: nativeiowan | November 11, 2018

2018 v11.theflavouroffear

It has been a long, long time since I have been frightened. Afraid. Scared.

I might sound arrogantly stupid but I can’t recall the last time I was frightened.

No doubt I get those instant loadings of adrenaline when I almost miss a corner or… like the time a white Mercedes and I traded metal at 70milesperhour…

I was on my way to Phoenix on my Thruxton. The time and space between a white Mercedes and my bike became one in space and time, for a brief moment.

It was kinda exciting… I dropped my bar-end mirror onto the car’s passenger side, right in front of the front door. I heard and have an image of the elderly woman in the passenger’s seat. She grabbed her head with both hands and screamed. I could smell her shampoo.

I stayed up but ran my bar-end down the length of the car. When I got away from the car – he had been pulling into my lane – I was behind and simply goosed it and got way away.

But at no point was I frightened or fearful. I did not have time for such foolishness. My very good bike skills and instinct took over. I kept the bike up. Felt the grind of my bar-end scratching down the car. His car will have a front-to-rear gouge on it as proof of time and space conflict.

But at no pint was I frightened or fearful.

here’s a picture of my bike’s bar-end: Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.45.09 pm.pngYou can see the end of the bar, below the mirror. Imagine 70mph, leaning into a car for a life’s instant. Then off and gone past. I was shaky shortly there after, then euphoric for a bit and did have vivid dreams of it all for nights after.

But it did not scare me.

Well, I had a very good fright last eve. We were out moving the herd.

For a number of reasons the herd is a bit skittish… we introduced nine new cows with calves into the herd a while back. The new players in town change the balance of power. Barney the bigarsed Bull is on edge. He’s been working overtime with the new cows. We have just finished weaning 10 calves so you have 10 unhappy, milk-sick mammas. Their udders are full and they are not comfortable. We have 10 cows with young calves. As the weaners and the mother cry and complain, the other mammas and calves get stressed.

We show up in the herd and they think we’re there to kidnap some more babies.

When we wean the calves we lock them into the stock yard which is inescapable. They are locked in with water and feed but they yearn for their mammas. They cry and bellow and scream until they lose their voices. The mammas cry and call back.

All of this equals stress in the herd.

So we go to move the herd. Here we have Joe calling the herd over…

They hear him and answer. I claim they call his name… JOOE, Joooe…

So I’m in the middle of the moving herd…

I luv the constant bellowing an talking between them all… Barney speaking his mind at the end of the clip…

I do find it exhilarating, this being a farmer is cool… But when a 3000 pound beast speaks his mind you need to listen.

Luv the cow talk…

So right here, as I watch, bigArsed barney comes walking toward me. At a sedate pace but straight for me. He’s coming over to where I am and I aint feeling too good. I slipped through a gate into the next paddock but he came right up and yelled at me… And I was frightened…

It felt good.


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