Posted by: nativeiowan | November 6, 2018

2018 v10.springcleaning

Sitting in the back yard as the day slips into night. A powederblue sky with deepgreen landscape contracts nicely. Birds of various varieties chatter, squawk, call, chip and cheep. My old “mrfrog” windchime tinkles above me. Photo on 9-9-17 at 11.56 am

Been a warm one today. Not as warm as yesterday and not as warm as next week, but warm. I don’t like running aircons and there is unusually a breeze. Hell! I was up about dawn (before 5am) and wrapped a comforter around me as I snooz’d and watched newz. this climate is great… 70f/20c – 92f/ 29c. The other day it was 35c to 18c… work it out but it means a great warm sunny day with a cool-ish eve night.

The Plover family are happy, walking along the edge of the sprinkler, catching the mist and preening themselves. The distant humm of the ever-present motor-way. It’s a busy time of day, 516pm. A dog is yapping. My family are all gone or we’d hear screaming kids.

Hung out at the Palmwoods house today. Had a couple gotta-dos get cancelled so I got to spend a day in “basic maintenance” mode.

Basic maintenance is all those little jobs and dutys and needstogetdonez… the back closets and top shelfs of spring cleaning… basic maintenance is the stuff you can always not-do. Until it needs done. Until it really needs done.

So today I decided to run a few errands then  wash the house.

Now, just to bring it all into perspective, washing a house aint like washing yer hands. Nor is it like washing the car – tho some of the car washing tools (like a pressure washer) – can be used for both.

No, washing a house is a pretty big affair… I do have a big house…

So I got Paul and Gracie helping me as we hose n scrub and mix cleaners and wash off dust n grime and detritus. The glass and gutters and downpipes and walkways… it is a big job.

And it got done. The outdoorfurniture and the walkways and slidingdoors, etc, et al infinitum.

Damn, I’m kinda beat.

And life is good.


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