Posted by: nativeiowan | November 2, 2018

218 v 11.bigarsedbulls

Was moving the cattle and our big arsed bull, Barney, decided I was in his way.

Now this animal is close to 1.5 ton. Maybe more. He is pretty docile and has never given us reason to be fearful but you treat that much testosterone powered weight with respect…

  1. We move the cattle and Barney decides I am in his way want to go past me and into the back fields…

    2. So I get a bit uneasy and try quickly to get a gate between he and I…

    3. He ends up giving me a load piece of his mind…

    Gotta luv this farming stuff…



  1. Man, you can see that hump coming toward you from a mile away … or 1.6 km away, since you’re in Oz …

    And as a boy who grew up on a cattle ranch, gotta say, good looking healthy animals.

    Best to all,


    • This is an Aussie breed between big n hearty brahma stock and thick n meaty shorthorn browns called droughtmasters. I’m very impressed with the breed. And they possess a gentle nature. Nothing like the Black Angus n charlais I grew up with. Luv the farmn life.

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