Posted by: nativeiowan | August 2, 2018

2018 v8.1LuvLondon

Damn! What a city. Been here a couple days but the time-travel has me fudged n today is the first day Grace and I are 100% ambulatory n awake.

I sit in a classic ol pub on Le Strand…

Too hot n early for an ale so I sip a cider and voyeur on the conversations around me.

Did I mention that this is my absolute favourite city? I luv the plethora of languages, the babble and the cadence of life here. And the views n vistas… What. City!

It exudes age n history. Every step on the uneven cobble stones gives one a sense of age and purpose. The heavy architecture and the narrow streets n the well worn stairs… all speak of a dignified past.

And a healthy future.

Did I mention that this is indeed my favourite city?

I am going to discuss my perception on the influx of immigrants to a land, the positives n negatives I perceive n understand. London/ England is a good case study. This may take some time but…

First I get to gush positively about this metropolis…

It’s sooo old. Yet so vibrant n young. I have a huge affection for the Common Wealth. No matter England’s dark colonial past, there was a lot of good in the Common Wealth. And the good is found on the streets and in the babble.

I fear American has a “thing” about assimilation. Australia too.

Yet, perhaps assimilation can transpire without loss of identity or past? An accent is not a bad thing. Bilingualism is a good thing. Adherence to cultural customs is not negative. In fact I feel a cultural identity is positive.

So, I sit n sip my cider n pontificate from the pub.

What do I know?

Big smiles

More later

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