Posted by: nativeiowan | August 1, 2018

2018 v7.GrannyTime

My mother is an amazing person. Many of my faithful readers know my mother. And if you meet her once, you know her well. She is not shy or quiet or inverted. Not in the least!

She is a “larger-than-life” character. Perhaps a cross between a character you’d find in either a Wilber Smith novel or a Mother Goose tale. She is a tough, hard, all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipresent force of nature. Her temper is fierce, her love eternal. She has an iron will and a razor-sharp tongue.

I have been hang’n with Granny in Ioway for the last couple days.

It has been great. Mother’s huge family is incredibly lucky to still have her with us – and to have her genes.

I have written about my mother before…

Mother was 91 last May.

A depression era/ WW2 era child. She grew up rough. No privilege or special treatment. She quit school young to work in her family’s business. To help pay for here sister’s education. Her father died when she was still young. She married my father against her mother’s wishes. Her mother never forgave her.

She was a post WW2 bride to a returning serviceman. They got together and started making babies.

Her health has never been fantastic. She had nine live births over 18 years of childbearing. Her youngest child is (I think) 52, and her eldest 70. Her family is very large and very extended.

These days Granny is fragile.

Still pretty switched on, she does struggle with “keeping-up” in conversations.

She is aware enough to allow corrections in conversation. When she is a bit “off” with her facts, we can talk her through to remembering the facts and laugh and enjoy Granny’s terrible forgetfulness.

Today we were talking cars and we all recalled a few years back when she totalled hers in a 2-car accident. She was arguing that she’d never totalled a car. We reminded her of what n when. Her comment was “I’m glad I don’t remember stuff like that.”

It has been great enjoying life with her.

Quite a few siblings stopped by… Angela came for lunch one day. Holly n Ron came by for an afternoon of chatting. Katie Bailey and her family – Brian, Addie, Zoe, n Mikey were around quite a bit. And my absolute favourite short-person, Tracey Goodrich, showed up with her husband, Joe, and son, Jake for a Sunday BBQ.

Katie and Tracey are my nieces. Both are very cool human-beans with amazing families. Jake is one of my adopted kids. Jake came for an extended visit to the Solomons and lived with us in Gizo 6 years ago. He is a superstar. I attribute all to my influence.

I must spend a bit of time applauding and tipping my hat to Mother’s care-givers Mike n Jane Leaven and Brother-Monk.

Jane is my elder sister. She’s married to Mike, a very old friend. It’s a good thing when family members are good friends.

Mother lives with Mike and Jane. Brother Monk lives near by and is mom’s chauffeur and bookkeeper. Mother keeps the three “care-givers” quite busy.

It is a demanding job caring for a 91-year-old fragile and ill and crotchety old lady like Mother.

Here is Granny and Gracie looking very beautiful…

Note- Granny flipping us all the “bird”… she is still full of spunk and coffee-grounds…fZN3IZDaQpm0GrNIIfS0iA

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