Posted by: nativeiowan | July 26, 2018

2018 v7.onthemove

July 25, 2018. Sitting at LAX. On our way to Ioway. Sitting in a departure lounge drinking and honest cup of ol-fashioned brewed coffee. Not a latte or a cappuccino, a good old cup of brewed coffee. Its pretty good.

Up early this morn. Was sound, sound, sound asleep when the alarm went off at 6am. Woke easy enough and quickly got organized to head off. Spent last eve cleaning and packing so this morn was a breeze.

We were on the sidewalk well before 7am, our car was there not long after we showed up. The ride to LAX was pretty quick – less than an hour – and we got checked in and cleared through security without any pain.

Of course, LAX is a busy, busy place. How many thousands of people move through here daily?

My internet connection is not working so I can’t google the question and know what the answer is. Damn, we depend on the modern tech a lot!

So, as the song says… LA International Airport, where the big jet engines roar…

We sit and watch the outside world through a thick glass window. We can still hear the big jet engines roar. We can see the plethora of pedestrians and vehicles move across the tarmac. No less than 15 aircraft in our immediate vision. Dozens of vehicles of every shape and size. Trucks and cars and tugs and trailers. It is a busy place.

It makes one wonder where everyone is going. It is rather impressive to think of the thousands upon thousands of travelers in this one place… plus the thousand sup on thousands in all the other airports around the place.

Just checked and we see in excess of 6million people per month – over 200,000 people per day traveling form this place –


Time to fly.

Will be in Minneapolis soon.


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