Posted by: nativeiowan | June 27, 2018

2018 v6.indeislansmon

In Honiara. I have a fool’s smile on my face.

8pm here. A nice tropical winter’s night. Been raining a bit. The air is clean and fresh. Temps are cooly pleasant. Connie and I sit and share a bottle of wine…

We have a lot of business to do and a short tome to do it in. But always have time for a bottle.

Drinking out of water glasses… we be high class… Got the coconut oil out. Mixed a mess of deet n citronella and oil to ward of the insectuals… it works well.

Listening to The Dead. The eve is still n cool. No night critter cacophony carrying on. No nocturnal howls or late night liaison noises.

Last night I slept well and deep. At one point I woke to the sound of dogs barking, did not know where I was, took me ages/ minutes to figure out where I be.

1030pm. Connie and I sit and waffle on. Nice bottle of wine is a dead-soldier. The Dead play Uncle John’s Band… how does the song go?

Come and listen to Uncle John’s Band…

JJCale n Clapton playing on the road to Escondido… when this war is over, it’ll be a better day…

And life is good. “It’s so easy… so easy” or so they say.




  1. Come, hear Uncle John’s band
    By the riverside
    Got some things to talk about
    Here beside the rising tide

    Love to all, hugs to Connie and Betsy


    • Big smiles

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