Posted by: nativeiowan | March 29, 2018

2018 v3.endofMarch

Wow, can I say WOW!?


That feels pretty good… WOW… wow, wow, wow…  Sounds like my dog.

Been quite a while since I blogged.

Wow, what have I been doing?

A philosopher would ask “what have you NOT been doing?”.

The moon grows. An EASTER moon. A BLUE MOON.

Another full moon here the 31st. The second Blue moon of the year. Pretty cool…

The Worm Moon, no less.

Can I send a big WOW to Sheena of

Sheena is fixing my terribly damaged shoulder. She is making me cry and laugh. But I feel straighter and stronger. Round 2 just finished n I sit here with shoulders back and spine straight… after, that is, she beat the living day-lights outta me for 90 minutes…

The story?, I hear you ask…

I’ll start at the beginning… from July 2015: 

So it’s not quite 3 years and I have lived with a disability known as an A.C. dislocation.

In common vernacular my shoulder is shot. Dislocated. Buggered. Crippled.

But no…

Enter Sheena, the magician. Sheena beats n pushes n digs… Sheena is known as the  Elbows Of Doom.

Golly, I feel grand. Have not been so – OK – for ages.

Thanks and honour and respect to Sheena and her Elbows Of Doom.

I feel grand.

Big smiles


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