Posted by: nativeiowan | March 3, 2018

Sunday morn coming down…

9am QLD time. I watch the BlueZ and consider the coming day.

Weather here in QLD has been fickle of late. A week of rain and cool temps. Now hot n humid n weather filled days. One can feel the weather building up.

The property looks great. Lush and green and bursting as the seasons change.

The world appears to be in a funk. Still. The Russians rattling their nuclear sword. The US jumping like a trained dog in response.

The winter olympics came and went without much impact.

Obama and Hillary still lipping off about the unfairness of their election fixing not working. I gotta ask here… do folks out there still think the political arena is a nice friendly fair and honest place? When are we going to wake up to the misleading lying nature of the beast?

I listened to a guy speak  who I think made a lot of sense… check out:

Also been looking at the stars…

Here are some shots from Cassini at Saturn. I think they are mind blowing…

And life is good.

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