Posted by: nativeiowan | February 9, 2018

A Native Iowan in the Islands

the original Arnavons tale…

The Native Iowan

78 nautical miles north east of Gizo is a little known group of islands named the Arnavons. They are made up of three main islands and a number of smaller sandy rocks sticking out of the sea. The place is known for is unspoiled raw beauty and the fact that it is a favored nesting spot for a number of big sea turtles. I don’t mean a number of sea turtles chose this islands for nesting (though they do) I mean that a number of different kinds of turtles use the island for nesting. A big difference!

For a number of years these islands have been a controlled nature conservation sight. And, once there, you can see why.

But I’m ahead of myself…

A couple weeks ago my ol’ buddy “wash yer hands in urine” (that’s a story Teddy needs to tell) Pat Purcell decided we should go up to…

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  1. Thanks Mike , a great read. A very special place I am only sorry I never had to opportunity to visit. Cheers Kevin

    • Big Kev, hope all goes well.

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