Posted by: nativeiowan | February 5, 2018

2018 v2.02GizoTowN

Once again, hanging at the Gizo Hotel, waiting for a feed of fishnchips. Watching the colourful scene below.

The town is bustling. Monday market. Dozens of canoes are rafted up along the shore.

One thing I find striking is the number of quite young girls with very small babies. I think the population boom is booming with quick stats telling us 35% of the totalpop coming in under 20 yrs of age.

But everyone looks well fed n cared for. Everyone is pretty well dressed and ALL have phones.

And the beat goes on. My fish is here so pardon me while I make happy noises…


  1. Send photos! Photos or it didn’t happen!

    Enjoy the fish and …


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