Posted by: nativeiowan | January 30, 2018

2018 v1.030th

I sit out side of Henderson Field domestic terminal. I just checked in for my flight to Gizo. Got an hour plus before we fly.

My gandgorgeous G.G. Came to drop me off. Insisted she get dressed up (including lipstick) thinking that if she was ready she might get to travel with me.

I got lucky. She stayed. Part Munda n Isabel n Laura n Vela n Greek n German-English-Irish. She is dangerously smart, manipulative n demanding. And used to getting way. It is a flash of will when she n I are alone.

I sit out at the ” what used to be” leaf Haus. A couple Guale’ guys sit idle. They chatter in language. I unobtrusively glide In and sit.

It’s obvious the 3 snotty nosed kids climbing moving and playing belong to the big guy with the beard. The clean shaven guy with a betel red mouth alternately pays attention and dozes off. He had work boots on so I guess he works here.

A squall just came in with force.

I leave my bench And move over to the Guale’ side of the Haus.

“Runaway firstaem” I say. Everyone laughs.

I hide behind the carved post…

I have top quality rain jacket with me but this is too much fun.

It’s amazing how the rain changes the landscape. I moment ago I was going to write about the heat n humidity n fetid smells fermenting all about.

After all my years n all my scars n joy n hassles n pain, the Solos is still a magnificent place. I hit the tarmac here 37 years and 29 days ago. My 38th year associated with this sublime yet accosting land.

I just invited myself into a family gathering in a public place. The kids are dirty and each sport a spectacular “numba leven”. Remember numba leven?

But they are healthy n happy. I do hear that deep bronchial rasp that comes from living in a cook house. In fact I can smell the cook house on them.

A combination of woodsmoke boiled fish n tobacco.

The kids are fascinated yet fearful of me. I am dressed for the tropics and half my body-art is visible. I enjoy how people sneak peeks at you when you are ink’d. When in reality I am more than happy to show off n discuss my ink. I never fail to comment others’ body-art.

Rain has slacked so I wander inside. As I take my leave from the Guale’ family I say “by mi go firstaem, tangiotumas”.

I slide in, take a pew in the back.

I have a Choiseul gathering behind me. I catch a bit of the conversation. They are not talking about me, I can tell that much.

A new family moves in and sits in front of me. A beautiful blond haired lagoon baby stares seriously at me. I smile back. Her expression does not change.

Just found this…


  1. Ah, the joys of the domestic terminal.

    And your dear girlie, “Munda n Isabel n Laura n Vela n Greek n German-English-Irish” … stand back, ladies and gentlemen …

    My best to the islands,


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