Posted by: nativeiowan | January 14, 2018

2018 v1.4sundaycomingdown

Two weeks of this new year are behind us. Summer in Queensland is upon us. The start of the 2018 school year approaches. My feet are itching for some travels.

My last overseas trip was to the US in August. I have been earthbound for too long.

But Qland is a good place to be. 2018-01-12 19.03.08

Its 11am on a blistering hot Sunday. 36c / 96f with a searing sun. I am watching the National Football League playoffs between the Titans and the Patriots. Grace and Mendoza took off churchifying, Angelo is dismantling a cheap out-door shade/ gazebo affair, Kuma is panting on the verandah.

So its “back to work time”… boys back to school, me back to  travels.

What does 2018 hold… First off i need to shoot to the Solomons for a few weeks. Once I get the boys in school I will shoot to the solos, spend a week in Honiara doing bizzyness, then run to Gizo to play on ICE… ice off klbga

My ol-mate Willis recently went and did a clean up on ICE. The bottom is now clean, the systems are all checked out. I plan to go spend some time actually sailing.

ICE is a peculiar vessel. A one-off build as a luxury expedition boat for a crazed mariner/ adventurer and the love of his life. It is super well-built. When it was developed ICE was meant to sail to Antarctica and “winter”, or freeze-in. That never happened. A combination of confusions and misunderstanding led to the crazed individual falling for another, much younger gal. The fantasy of Antartica and the big-freeze fell through. And I bought ICE.

I have had it for almost 2 years and have not done much with it but keep it running. And move it from Fiji to New Cal to Gizo…

Maybe this year will be my time for some adventures onboard ICE.

The hot weather, the rain and humidity, all is goo for my garden…2018-01-12 15.20.24I never cease to marvel at the colours of mother-nature’s pallet…2018-01-12 15.20.372018-01-12 15.20.44 HDR2018-01-12 15.20.562018-01-12 15.21.00Of course, the roses are my favourites…2018-01-12 15.21.192018-01-12 15.21.272018-01-12 15.21.362018-01-12 15.21.482018-01-12 15.21.542018-01-12 15.22.012018-01-12 15.22.082018-01-12 15.22.152018-01-12 15.22.22




  1. Ah, the colors of life. As lovely as you said.

    Best to you and the tribe,


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