2018 v11.sundayslowlyfalls

Sunday slowly falls.

515pm here. Its been a very warm day. Top temp of 33c/91f. Bright sun. Dry air. I turned the aircon on.

My past week has been a blur. Don and his 3yrold Dawnie have been around. Spent most of the week on the farm. had 3 newborns. It was a good week.

lets see… Whats going on int the world…

The USofA is enduring a threat to their southern boarder. I am hoping there won’t be gun-fire, injury, lossoflife.

Paris is rioting over fuel taxes. While the US is transiting from a netfuelimporter to a netfuelexporter. If find that interesting.

My dear, dear liberalminded friend JS opinion-ed to me just a month ago that the Trump administration was destroying forestland far and wide, whilst the califorests burn and burn due to over regulation. I am sure there will those who don’t see it, that disagree but the fires that are destroying Cali are largely the result of over regulating and  a lack of under-growth maintenance.

And the beat goes on…

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