Posted by: nativeiowan | December 17, 2017

1027 v12. anothersundaycomingdown

Another Sunday coming down…

The music of a confused family fills the air. The boys have some shitty reggae/rap stuff playing from their devices. MEANINGLESS, repetitive DRIVVEL that only SIMPLE MINDS CAN DECIPHER.

Call me an official ol grumpy fart…

Kinda like the music listened to when I was a testosterone poisoned teenager? Doubtful… I used to play “Yes, Relayer” to drive my father nuts… I still think Yes was pretty good…

Turn that gawdamned music offff!!!!

I smile. Little changes from generation to generation.

So we have half-a-passel here.

Definition of passela large number or amount

Paul n Betsy n Grace n Angelo n Mendoza n G.G. n E.D. n Nova n Kuma n I…

Half-a-Passel. More to come. Soon.

They are in the pool as I speak. The shitty teen-tunes are too loud, as is the water-slide that bubbles n gushes. The babies squeal n yelp and the older folks talk too loud – to be heard over the music…

2017-12-17 15.14.06

It was warm day. Better to be inside where it is chilled n nice. I keep the aircon cranking so you can nap with a blanket. Now, 317pm, the family has been up since early, they stayed in all morn, they’ve all had naps then woke to a gourmet-dawg bbq I put together while all slept.

I drug them out-of-doors. And they’ve been enjoying it. I prefer to be outside.

So all fed n messy n hapi I chased all to the pool. Where they still play. Boys n babes n moms n dads.

And by the sounds of it all is well in the immediate familial universe…

Half of December is gone. twenty-three – twenty-fourths of the year has passed. It’s all but dun for 2017.

With so much confusion and family, the basic needs of the sane familial domestic are trampled upon. Last night the clan stayed up all night playing cards… so all are tired n grumpy this AM.

Grace just ran off to snatch a nap claiming more cards tonight, so needed to rest up…

Tho a born n bred player of cards, I no longer partake. I have forsaken chess, a sport I played  a minimum of a game a day for decades. I can’t recall my last game of backgammon. Damn, I learned to count playing cribbage.

A few years back, when I retired, I gave up my competitive nature. Since then the games don’t give me as much pleasure. Without that damn-mammillian competitive nature it aint as much fun. In fact it kinda becomes meaningless.

My last game of chess brought back old habits and before it was over I was in a sweat and demanding a rematch.

I decided that I no longer enjoyed that rush of competitiveness that is so deeply programmed into our DNA.

I still shoot stick. Gotta have at least one bad habit… And I very much enjoy my 12-foot snooker table… Snookeer is a grentleman’s game that requires great patience and skill.IMG_5254Snooker, to me is geometry. And with the www you can research shots and actually get pretty good. We play “call n crow”. If you don’t call your shot n make it, you cant crow. So “call n crow’.

Forgot to mention that I have not golfed in years.

Angelo just taught E.D. to go down the water-slide by herself. Not sure its a good idea, but then no one listens to me…

Reminds me of a song… “Old n In The Way”… Well worth a listen. I’d forgotten about this iconic piece of music… Thanks for the memory!

And the beat goes on… the wind-chimes giggle. the kids laugh n shout. No tears, yet, so we are doing pretty good.

My favourite Christmas pict… Kinda says it all.mcmas

And life is good.


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