Posted by: nativeiowan | December 14, 2017

2017 v12.the cool of the eve

Sitting outside the Palmwoods ranch. A cool breeze tinkles the wind chimes. Various species of birds make noise n argue n fight. The air is dominated by the shrill, childish chatter of Dawn and G.G.

I have been slow, slow, slow today.

Cooked a big feed for Gracie’s Birthday, yesterday.

Gracie’s young friend, Miriam, was going to come by and share a bottle of wine with Grace. So I whooped up a mess of Cajun Mojo pork and a Lemon Zinger cake. Both turned out pretty good. It took most of the day to do it all. Not because it is hard, but rather because I am a slow, messy cook.

As I was cooking away I gave our friend, Big G, a call and asked if he was hungry. Big G is single, and very much enjoys his home cooked meals. Its always good to ahve him around.

He was free and showed up about 6pm. We waited a bit for Miriam but eventually learned she could not make it so…

The nice bottle of red ( to go with the meal) and the nice bottle of white (to go with the cake) had one less partaker partaking,

So I had to tough-up and ensure both bottles got emptied…

I have been slow, slow, slow today. I don’t do red wine at all any more. Chateau Migraine is what I call red. And today is no exception. The bottle of good bubbly was a waste. A fun bubbly waste, but a waste non the less.

When will I ever learn????

If past experience is anything to go on… the answer is “never”.

So the sun sets. The kookaburra laughs. The little girls make too much noise.

Cajun Mojo Pork is a great dish. It starts with onions n garlic n red peppers all fried up in a roasting pan…2017-12-13 12.58.27

I do all the prep and final cooking in the same pan to get a lot of juice n drippijgs from the cook-up so its a nice, almost bbq type cosnitency with a very good Mojo flavour…

I add one-only thermal-nuclear red-bomb chili to make the whole thing dance a bit…2017-12-13 13.00.04

After the vegies all cooked I sear each pork chop in the pan…2017-12-13 13.03.40

So everything all ready in the roaster for a few hours of oven…2017-12-13 13.28.53

As the concoction cooked I did a number of different upside down cakes. Mostly to test my batter for the Zinger which required a bit of zest and lemon juice fresh from our garden…2017-12-13 14.17.52

The main part of a zinger is the syrup… about a cup of sugar and juice n zest from a few lemons. It is super sweet and super-super sour. Pretty good stuff…2017-12-13 15.28.17

A couple of the cakes… a big upside-down apple n a couple small pear and lemon cakes…2017-12-13 16.17.06

The Mojo Pork after its been melting in the pot for a while…2017-12-13 17.21.12

Took an old picture from our wedding on Moli Island, South Choiseul, and had it enlarged and framed as Gracie’s present. A very long time ago, when we were all young and beautiful…2017-12-13 13.39.12

Happy Birthday to you… G's 61st

The end of the night…2017-12-13 23.24.10

I cleaned up then (drunk as I was) wrapped Cmas presents until 2am. Very, very tired n sore n lazy all day today.

And life is good.

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