Posted by: nativeiowan | November 28, 2017

2017 v11.olfartstress

As an official ol fart, I’m pretty relaxed. I live where I want and like, travel a lot, enjoy cool adventures in exotic places with cool people.

But nothing prepares me for my 2 two year old granddaughters.

Gloria Grace (GG) and Dawn Epiphany (ED) remind me of what a two year old experience can be… X 2.

I have raised 2 year olds before. I must be mad to be doing it again… and with 2 at once.

They look like angels. But they are evil. Evil I tell you…

But the whole scene, the complete picture is here…

We have been playing hard outside all day.

Pool time n vroom time n swings n volley ball n a big yard with a sand pit…

Dawnie got her foot up against the bike n got some blisters…

She didn’t scream or cry but we discovered the blisters shortly after n covered them in magical healing balm. She was trying to hide them from us.

GG is a pretty dominant force. Demands her way a lot. A lot! She and I do conflict.

She just played a game where she was not going to listen, refused to come lay down n sleep.

I insisted, she refused.

I won.

It took a long time and a lot of patience.

Maybe I have more patience these days than before?

I do look stressed, don’t I?

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