Posted by: nativeiowan | November 25, 2017

2017 v11.when refugees aren’t

You may have missed it… A bit of an “end” to a sad, telling, important story…

The remaining (in the hundreds) internees at the Austrian Immigration “processing centre” on MANUS ISLAND, PNG has been forcefully removed and relocated.

I feel this story is important in that it tells a story of refugees who are not refugees…

Today’s news is one of “triumph for the officials”, and complete loss for the would be refugees…

To understand this tale one must have a bit of an idea how the Australian Government approaches “immigration”. The answer is that The Australian have  a very hard/ harsh stance on immigration. I feel I can discuss with some authority this topic in that I have officially and legally immigrated to Australia. It was not easy.

This recent bit of verbiage pretty much explains the official position:

“You have compounded their problems by allowing them some message of false hope that somehow if they stayed in the regional processing centre in those conditions, it would twist the arm of the Australian government that we would change our policy and somehow the people would settle in Australia,” he said.

“That cruel hoax needs to come to an end. The Labor Party and the Greens and these advocates have been holding out this cruel hoax and providing this false promise to people in a very difficult situation.”

I am a dual passport carrier and have a fair amount of cash and assets. In order to legally immigrate (this means I am not a visitor in Aus, I am a resident under a conditional visa) I had to jump through many, many hoops. My wife and I both immigrated and it was doubly difficult. It took over 6 years.

The people at the Manus centre are not, I stress NOT, going to make it to Aus. As its stands they shall either choose to be returned to the homeland (and be paid a whack of cash) or settle in PNG.

The basics of the Manus centre are as follows:

Now quickly note the centre is called a regional processing centre and has been operational for over 15 years. Some of the detainees have been there for the duration. Also, this is not the only such centre operated by Aus. Many people ahve been processed through the centre and into Australia. Hose remaining have not met the requirements. They have been offered alternatives but have chose to gamble that their acts would receive some level of leniency.

But why were they on Manus at all?

The idea is simple: Illegal immigrants arriving on Australian shores (by any means) shall not have their applications for refugee or immigrant status evaluated while they are on Australian soil.

This rule applies to all attempting to immigrate.

All would-be immigrants and would-be refugees must complete a mountain of paper work and be assessed/ vetted. I pointed out that my process took 6 years. And I have only been married once (still married to the same gal too), have never served in any military, nor been arrested or convicted of a crime. My case was technically an easy one… I had to list and explain my past 10 years of travel. Had to offer my current and past passport(s) and all residential addresses and education – ALL!.

If one is claiming refugee status they go into a different category. One is assessed as being a refugee. What is a refugee??? – a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. –

If you claim refugee status and the officials decide you are not being truthful you are banned from applying for any Aus visas for a set period of time.

If you apply to immigrate and the officials decide you are not being truthful you are banned from applying for any Aus visas for a set period of time.

The remaining detainees have not met the requirements as either immigrants or refugees, and were removed from the now closed centre:

Good? Bad?

The way it is?

But the rules are clear, the laws have been enforced. Fair or not, the outcome may have been predictable…

Especially when one is a Refugee that isn’t.

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