Posted by: nativeiowan | September 1, 2017

2017 v8.31

Last day of August. I always, all ways like and enjoy the month of August…

So, what I have done…

Rode from Pasadena to Tetonia, ID in six days… day6

After Idaho and the eclipse I shot to Iowa… dayday 12

Iowa was good.

Now I am riding back to Pasadena… day12

I am in Pagosa Springs as I write this. I have been on the rode – off n on – for 20 days now… yee haw… golly I am enjoying the riding.

Today was a good day of highway-time… I left the hotel in Garden City at 830, had a fuel stop within 50miles, then rode a full 100 miles before I stopped again…

I have two types of road-side stops…

1) Refuel only: arrive, take right hand glove off, leave helmet on, refill the bike, glove back on, hit the road again.

2) Refuel, pump the bilges, n have a drink: arrive, take right hand glove off, leave helmet on, refill the bike, park the bike, take gear off, walk inside, pump the bilges, buy a drink n have a pleasant rest.

Today I did a long day, over two major mountain passes, with a decent rain storm heading up to the Wolf Pass… …

Wolf Creek Pass (el. 10,857 ft.)

I enjoyed the ride… I took my helmet off, 2) style, once today. I rode n rode n rode…

Met a lengthy delay when an old dude’s truck decided to catch fire on the side of the road… 2017-08-31 13.12.55.jpg

The ride through the pass was amazing… 2017-08-31 15.05.46.jpg

August is over. I am heading home.

Some picts from the road…

sign says welcome to Colorado…2017-08-31 08.34.04.jpg


in the rain…2017-08-31 14.41.27.jpg


And life is good.

Much more later…

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