Posted by: nativeiowan | August 12, 2017

2017 V8.2 on the road SoCal

Sitting in Pasadena. Landed 7am yesterday. Was here by about 830. Was a productive throughout the day…

First and foremost on my list of things to do was to get my Thruxton into be serviced. I had given the bike-place a call from Aus… check out…  If you need a bike or some bike work in the LA area, don’t go further than these guys.

So, Saturday morn and all is well… managed to fight the jet-lag bug yesterday. Was busy all day, had my bike sorted by about 3pm then Connie and I went out in search os sustenance and sedative… we found both at BJ’s… A salad and a pizza and half a dozen glasses of ale and I was a happy camper. Stayed up and organised until about 10pm, slept well and was up and happy by 7am this fine SoCal day.

I know this does not look like much, but one of the things that makes me HAPPY is my Evan Wilcox tins are here and ready to be sent to genius Jim in Aus… yea, right, tins and geniuses… I hear you, what are you on about???

Genius Jim is my britt-bike man in Aus. He rebuilt the 66 img_5553

Is working on the 69 Atlas. IMG_5074And has the 52 Triton… 2015-12-06 13.49.18

The aim of the Triton rebuild is to turn it (back) into a truck track-babe. We’ll give the engine a big punch and aim to have on the vintage racing circuit before to long.

The main hold-up on the project was getting the right tanks (tins) for it… I did my research and found that the dude who does the best and the coolest is here in SoCal, his name is Evan Wilcox… check out

The gig is this… when you give Evan a call to talk tanks, he tells you straight up that he has 2 years of work on his books. You give him a $100.00 deposit and you get on his list. He’ll build them when he gets to you… So I paid the deposit and waited. Somewhere last year my turn came but I waited a few more months due to “backlog”, and the tins git built early this year. All was complete sometime in April.

So the tins have been waiting for me here for some time. I opened the boxes up last night and had a peek… IMG_6402



Look nice, don’t they????

More later


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